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Oh Cha Matcha Launches New Wellness Elixir Beverage Series with Adaptogens to Improve Quality of Life

 Oh Cha Matcha has continued its venture on making matcha sexier and playful by launching the new Wellness Elixir Series. This series comes in 6 flavors and are all infused with adaptogens. It is a natural substance that can easily be found in our daily food which has also proven to help our bodies to function and perform at optimal levels. It helps our body to restore to a balanced state by helping us to maintain focus, to stabilize mood and to decrease stress. In this series, Oh Cha Matcha has opted to use Ashwagandha, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Shiitake in their matcha beverages. 

The working pace under this pandemic has inspired Oh Cha Matcha to shed light on this important part of a healthy lifestyle - stress management. By adding the adaptogens, Oh Cha Matcha hopes to help boost overall health, especially the body's tolerance to stress to prevent it from reaching a stage of exhaustion in a state of hormonally driven stress overdrive. 

To enjoy the intake of adaptogens, Oh Cha Matcha has infused them into their beverages to make them more flavourful such as:- 

- Bentong Ginger Turmeric Matcha with Chaga (RM24)

- Strawberry Matcha with Lion’s Mane (RM28)

- Rose Matcha with Shiitake (RM25)

- Matcha Latte with Cordyceps (RM23) 

Also, they have added two new flavors which are:- 

- Cocoa Matcha with Reishi (RM24)

- Lavender Matcha with Ashwagandha (RM28)

*This range is only available at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail store.