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SK magic provides clean air and water to Malaysians at Covid-19 vaccine centers and hospitals

 In support of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, SK magic, the leading home appliance company from South Korea, equipped Covid-19 Vaccination Centres (CVCs) and treatment hospitals with its air and water purifiers to provide fresh and clean air and water to front-liners and the public as part of SKmagicCares, the company’s CSR programme.

“As a company, we are constantly challenging ourselves and innovating to find ways to ensure that everyone can live a healthy and quality lifestyle. In line with that mission, our SKmagicCares CSR programme aims to create a better world through positive changes in society by providing clean air and water to Malaysians through partnerships with Non-Profit Organisations,” said Kim Kyung Won, Managing Director of SK magic Malaysia.

The first phase of the SKmagicCares initiative contributed up to RM330,000 worth of SK magic’s air and water purifiers strategically placed across Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tuanku Mizan, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, National Cancer Society Malaysia, Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong.

“With thousands of people visiting CVCs daily, coupled with the escalating number of cases and hospital admissions, it follows that the community contribution of our SKmagicCares programme is to CVCs and Covid treatment hospitals. As Malaysians work towards achieving herd immunity as a nation, health and safety measures such as social distancing, sanitising and PPE-wear, remain the utmost priority. Our aim here is to further reinforce these health and safety measures at vaccine centres and treatment hospitals by further improving air conditions and providing front-liners and the public with clean and fresh drinking water for hydration.”

“We are truly grateful for the commitment, contribution and sacrifice by front-liners since the pandemic hit, and we hope that our contribution will help fortify the safety of front-liners as they carry out their duties, while also providing a peace of mind to visitors at CVCs and patients undergoing treatment,” shared Kim.

SK magic contributed a mix of its Motion Air Purifiers, Twin Air Purifiers and WIZ S Water Purifiers to the CVCs and treatment hospital. Upon completion of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, these air and water purifiers will continue to provide clean air and water to Malaysians at these respective locations. 

SK magic’s air purifiers eliminate airborne bacteria, dust mites and other harmful particles present in the air efficiently through the sophisticated HEPA filters that provide instant fresh air. Its water purifier is equipped with advanced filtration systems and Dual Tap UV Sterilisation that eliminate harmful viruses upon dispensing water ensuring fresh and clean drinking water.  

“We at SK magic would like to thank our partners for believing in us and sharing the same objective to safeguard everyone as best we can. As this is a progressive and continuous journey, we look forward to continuing providing Malaysians clean water and air through our SKmagicCares CSR programme,” said Kim.