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Sunway University celebrates 6th Anniversary of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

 25th September 2021 marks the 6th anniversary of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In September 2015, world leaders gathered at a special United Nations summit in New York and enforced the 17 SDGs by providing a holistic framework, applicable to all countries, with the vision of eradicating poverty and deprivation, growing economies, protecting the environment, advancing peace and promoting good governance.

It’s now six years on and over 160 countries worldwide are actively participating in achieving these goals to create a better world by 2030. According to 2021 SDG Index, Malaysia is currently ranked at 65 with 70.9 country score, slightly higher than the regional average of 65.7 score. Supported by the United Nations, Malaysia is strongly committed to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs, and its aspirations to become a high-income, inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and advanced democratic nation. 

Sunway University has assumed a pioneering role not only in managing resources but also in supporting the government in realising the United Nation’s 17 SGDs. Sunway University is dedicated to championing sustainability efforts within and around the campus by instilling sustainable practices into the various aspects of the university experience such as ensuring high standards in sustainability research, sustainable work practices and sustainable consumption.

Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development at Sunway University was launched out of a partnership between the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Association (SDSN) in 2016 as the first of its kind in Asia, taking the leading role in supporting the government in advancing the SDGs. The establishment of the Jeffrey Sachs Center enhances the global expertise needed to move Malaysia and Southeast Asia forward in the area of sustainable development. The Center is a hub for research and policy practice, creating world-class programs to train a new generation of students, practitioners and policy leaders and develop linkages with major universities in Malaysia and around the world solving problems related to the SDGs.

The University is in continuous pursuit to nurture a community of socially and ecologically responsible individuals who in turn are creating an impact within the wider community within the broader context of sustainable cities and communities. Among the initiatives launched by Sunway University over the years in support towards SDGs are The Energy Saving Project in 2017; “A Nation United For Global Goals,” Join Hands and Make A Pledge Event and The Last Straw Campaign to reduce single use plastic in 2018; Shine A Light On Sustainability & Rock The Goals and launch of Future Cities Research Institute in 2019; the Master of Sustainability Board Game release in 2020; and National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme in 2021. Many of these initiatives were also endorsed by the UN and officiated physically by the UN representative to Malaysia.

Recently, Sunway University became the highest ranked private university in Malaysia according to the Times Higher Education Impact rankings and is now in the top 200 in the world for Sustainable Cities & Communities.

Sunway University is also the only known university in the world that has launched its own #CampusWithaConscience campaign which promotes the University's underlying principles, embracing everything students will experience during their time at Sunway Education Group. This is the fundamental spirit at the heart of Sunway Campus Life; educating, encouraging, and engaging students in all aspects of a diverse and inclusive community to support them in adopting a lifestyle and lifestyle habits that truly reflect a society determined to create a better living environment for this generation and generations to come.

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