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Who runs HONOR

 With stories surrounding the originality of HONOR as a brand, it was no stranger to tech geeks and fans that HONOR became an independent company since November 2020. Since then, HONOR is standing upon the shoulders among the giants of the smartphone brands, making its own name as one of the largest start-up companies.

Masterminding and providing the engine gears are Chairman Mr. Wan Bio and Chief Executive Officer George Zhao, who are not alone in this rebirth, with shareholders giving the green light for a full authorization and strategic decisions for HONOR’s daily needs. This movement aims to make itself an independent brand, and a unique entity apart from its competitors.

With a new fresh air as an independent company, HONOR is able to be fully involved in its own business management and decision making, allowing a full and total control for its day to day operation.

With that out of the way, HONOR now handles the workforce of almost 8,000 employees, which covers an entire spectrum of end-to-end operations. The range includes research & development, supply chain, manufacturing, to sales, marketing, services, and finance divisions.

Fans can be assured that HONOR is developing its own smartphone portfolio, while looking into other aspects of life-scenario products, giving confidence that HONOR is an ideal choice to more than just a smartphone brand, but into lifestyle and daily essentials. The team at HONOR has invested in the past seven years in effective and efficient collaborations to warrant a fully-capable operations that is running seamlessly, for the benefit of fans across the globe.


With the core motto of “Stay consumer-centric. Inspire dedication. Strive for innovation, excellence and efficiency”, this will spearhead of HONOR into new heights. Using a strategic focus on innovation, product quality and service, HONOR is always committed to developing technology that empowers people around the globe to go beyond through its R&D capabilities and forward-looking technology.

Now we know who is behind HONOR as a brand, we can assure the fans of a mutual trust, that the production of HONOR is something to be proud of, to own, to use and to share. For more stories on HONOR, follow us on You don’t want to miss this exciting journey!