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Second One is on the way

 There are so much to think about recently. After few years of trying for the baby, it failed and eventually we give up as Grace is growing up more and more and I don't think is time to get another one. But; miracle do happen and I am preggie again !

It is kind of hard to announce as it is not my first pregnancy and is 10 years gap. We have been keeping it for the longest time ever as i am not young anymore and questions had been in my mind for such a long time. All the "What If ? " and the cost of delivery; health concerns, and also the covic cases and all. 

I had a basic check at the nearby clinic every few weeks to ensure all is fine and I kept myself at home more due to immunity issues. As my metabolisme and immunity might drop and with the delta cases and many more cases around the society, I rather stay safe.

There are so much to think about for this time comparable to my earlier pregnancy 10 years ago. And of course keeping this a secret and need to work on jobs, and more is really tiring. As expected, deliverables are need to be done promptly but due to this, i always tired. 

Month 1 : I noticed my pregnancy kind of early which is around 5 weeks where this is a week after the due of my last menstrual. I had my check with the pregnancy test and we had found out is positive. The first month, I don't feel anything different 

Month 2 : The second month had come, and symptom are more obvious. I have slight heartburn, and also back pain. Tiredness is the biggest thing I face!  I can sleep at anytime and even walking for some grocery and back home, it like so tired that i needed few hours nap. 

Month 3: Nausea comes off and on. And thankfully there is not much morning sickness. It is just tiredness that bother me much and back-ache. There is not much difference except for tired-ness. Time for more sleep. For cravings, I started having cravings for spicy food and sourish food like asam laksa, curry mee and also tomyam.