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The newly launched HONOR 50 is selling hot in town!

With its recent launch by HONOR Malaysia, the HONOR 50 has taken the honor as the HONOR’s best choice for vlogging to date. Why start a vlog you ask? Life is worth remembering - with vlog now the capable feature to record any brief special moments in the form of short videos, capturing the raw element of our lives in the most authentic way possible. Here’s 10 reasons to grab yourself the HONOR 50. 


1. Multi-video recording for a one-stop vlogging experience

Comparing to just a single lens, the HONOR 50’s brings in a fun vlogging experience thanks to its dual lens is – even better when the rear main lens, the wide-angle lens and the front lens are all activated to make your shoots more interactive from a vlogging point of view. With never ending creativities ready to be grasp, here are three shooting modes to get you started on the exciting journey of vlogs:

Dual-View Recording (Front/Rear) mode: The front and rear camera are both used simultaneously to ensure you and your focus subject are in the same shot together for that harmonious and fun point of view from both ends. This is something you ought to try for your next date, for real.

Picture-in-Picture mode: Just let the rear camera take the scenery view, while you record your emotions on your front camera, both recording on real-time, with the facial expression of you as the vlogger via a small frame. The best part? You are free to drag the small frame as you see fit without interfering with the scenery experience for your viewers. 

Dual-View Recording (Rear/Rear) mode: You can now have the fun of getting both the main rear lens and wide-angle lens to snap your shots, with the main lens supporting zoom up to 6 times, creating a range of depth and exciting vlog for your friends to see!

2. Capture that precious moment without missing a beat

In order to achieve that one-take vlog, the HONOR 50 camera recording will not be stopped while the recording modes are switched, ensuring those sweet moments are documented well on camera. You can switch between the front and rear lens seamlessly as you wish without interrupting your shots. Before you know it, that recording goes on live to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok without a fuss! 

Say goodbye to those complex post-editing experience, the HONOR 50 makes vlogging a fun and easy experience to play along. 

What’s more, HONOR's first ever Fast and Slow-Motion Recording Mode gives the selection of controlling the speed of slow by 0.5x or a fast motion by 2x or 4x in just a single tap, whenever you please without editing. It does make you feel like you’re in control of time.

The Single to Dual-View Recording mode allows switching from the front single-lens to the rear dual-view camera without pausing your recordings. Long gone are the days of missing that golden moment!

The Front to Rear Recording mode features a seamless recording switch from the front or rear camera anytime, giving the front talking preference and the change of scenery on the rear with ease. Food vlog anyone?


3. 108MP Ultra Clear Main Camera

The HONOR 50 comes with a whopping 108MP high resolution main camera, making it a record for HONOR and pushing the limit of the smartphone camera to greater heights. Now how great is a 108MP camera by the way? Let’s just say, pixels and resolution wise, you’re capable of printing a 1-meter high poster, thanks to the HONOR 50. There you go, grab one.

4. 32MP Rear Camera - the highest resolution in the smartphone industry

Now assisted by AI, the rear camera’s wide-angle intelligent switching automatically switches to the front wide-angle mode when two or more people in the same frame are detected, with the 90° wide-angle able to accommodate more people on screen too. The super portrait night scene mode on the other hand reduces noise, brightens, and optimizes faces and the background, giving the facial look a natural touch and a brighter background during the night.

5. 175g Ultra-light and thin 5G smartphone 

The HONOR 50 is definitely a "lighter" choice when it comes to the era of 5G smartphones we see today. Weighing at only 175g - approximately equal to the weight of a bag of potato chips or 3 lipsticks – fits rightly into your pocket and feels just right to hold by hand.


6. 75° super-curved display

Given its price range, it’s a rare sight to own a smartphone with curved screens, with HONOR 50 one of the few. A bigger screen by view, it reduces the chance of touching the curved surface by mistake, while ensuring a smooth scrolling and gaming experience thanks to the 120Hz high refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate screen.


7. Beauty in a smartphone

HONOR 50 comes in 4 stunning colors which include Frost Crystal, Emerald Green, Midnight Black and HONOR Code. Frost Crystal gives that dazzling and stylish look in what you can say as a smartphone fashion. The diamond-like finish which glimmers and sparkles under the light resembles the sunlight in the snow, shimmering-like crystals, and pearls on the lake. Now that’s a beauty!


8. 66W HONOR SuperCharge

In just 20 minutes, you can juice up the HONOR 50 from flat to 70% in 20 minutes and from flat to full 100% in 45 minutes, just in time to take in your morning cup of coffee, thanks to the all-powerful 66W HONOR SuperCharge.


9. Multi-Screen Collaboration

Pairing it with the HONOR MagicBook series, the HONOR MagicLink Multiscreen now enables you to enjoy a smart ecosystem on the go. With just one tap, you can now transfer files between your HONOR 50 and HONOR MagicBook just like that! Drag and drop photos on your computer and send them to your WhatsApp with ease or submitting a report to your boss without the need of a data cable. The laptop camera and audio also allows phone and video calls. Now this is something!


10. Pre-order for free gifts worth up to RM550

The HONOR 50 as the HONOR’s Best Vlog Phone to date - with six vlog shooting modes, multi-video recording and no editing required - is in stores and priced from RM 1,699. 


Pre-order from now till 24 October 2021 to receive free gifts worth up to RM550*! You can enjoy free gifts worth up to RM 250 when you pre-order the 6+128GB, while a RM550* worth of free gift awaits when you pre-order the 8+256GB version.

It’s time to get your hands on HONOR’s latest smartphone for that vlogging expedition! Pre-order yours now at HONOR Store.