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Double Your Success in Work & Life with the Tab S7 FE’s Second Screen

 The effectiveness of dual screens for work can’t be denied. Research has long touted how this can increase productivity by up to 42%, and reduce errors in work by 20% . Whether you’re coding, tabulating excel sheets, or editing photos and videos, an additional monitor makes it easy for you to refer to documents and items on one screen while completing your task on the other. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE certainly has all the features needed in a monitor, but there’s a lot more packed in this powerhouse of a tablet that can make you work far more efficiently and effectively.  

With the Second Screen , feature, you can seamlessly connect your laptop to the Tab S7 FE to duplicate or extend your laptop’s screen. This can be done wirelessly in a few steps, without the hassle of cables and app downloads onto your laptop. Once connected, you can drag and drop documents from your laptop to your Tab S7 FE, but unlike auto-sync, the Second Screen feature won’t use your Tab S7 FE’s memory, so you can remain economical with storage. 

As travel becomes mainstream again, the busy worker who balances work in office, home and on-the-go can easily take the Tab S7 FE with them and their laptop. The 12.4 inch  display offers an additional screen estate akin to a portable monitor. However, the sweet spot is certainly its weight which comes in at a mere 610grams. A proper lightweight that you won’t notice as you move from one place to another.

What makes the Tab S7 FE truly stand out? This is definitely the touch screen and the S Pen, which offers you a high performing work interface that can’t be found on a standard laptop. With touch screen, you can intuitively and nimbly search for work items, scan and swipe up documents, plus pinch screen to zoom in and out to bring out details on designs while remaining connected with the Second Screen feature. 

The S Pen’s components definitely enhance work task completion while nurturing creative thought process. If you are presenting online, you can jot down feedback with the S Pen on Samsung Notes and convert your notes to text to share straight to your participants. You can easily sign your signature onto important documents and contracts and immediately save and share to your new client. For editors and designers, the S Pen’s pressure sensitivity lets you edit videos and create artwork with precision and effectiveness.  

With the Tab S7 FE, you have the dynamic components to double your work productivity, and to further complement your experience, Samsung is running a promotion up until 31 December 2021. Buyers who purchase a Tab S7 FE 6+128GB will enjoy free premium perks including one (1) unit of the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 . For details, visit:


The Tab S7 FE (6+128GB) is retailing at the recommended retail price of RM2,199, whereas the (4+64GB) version is retailing at the recommended retail price of RM1,899. For more details on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, visit here: