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Samsung Galaxy Buds2, the Perfect Everyday Earbuds

 Whether you’re someone who is always on-the-go or seated at a corner of a café, a good pair of true wireless earbuds is essential, and this is where the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 is music to your ears. With its iconic curved shape and being the lightest true wireless earbuds in the series, weighing at only 5 grams each, you’re in for a treat of long-hour comfort wearing.

Having said, if you’re unsure whether you’re obtaining the best sound quality out of the Galaxy Buds2, start by choosing the right ear tip size out of the three earbud tip sizes for your Galaxy Buds2. Then, use the Galaxy Earbud fit test on the Galaxy Wearable app. Personalise your fit to maximise your listening pleasure on the Galaxy Buds2 by following these 4 simple steps. Once the words “good fit” appears on your screen, you’re ready to enjoy the best of the Galaxy Buds2.



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Galaxy Buds2

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