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The #GalaxyWatch4 Series, Your Smart Health Tracking Watch

 Have you ever wondered if you’ve been getting a goodnight’s rest even though you’ve had 8 hours of sleep time? With the #GalaxyWatch4 series, you can now get a better night’s sleep by setting your bedtime goals in the Samsung Health app and start tracking your sleep. Enjoy advanced sleep tracking analysis when you set your #GalaxyWatch4 to bedtime mode. The Galaxy Watch4 will track your sleep patterns  – This means, it is able to monitor your sleep stages, whether you’re awake, in light or deep sleep or Rapid Eye Movement (REM) mode where you may have vivid dreams during this period of your sleep.

Not forgetting real-time health monitoring while you’re asleep. Featuring a ground-breaking BioActive Sensor, the Galaxy Watch4 is able to detect snores and blood oxygen level  while you’re asleep. Users will then be able to check the time when they snored and whether sleep was interrupted by snoring. For the best detection and recording or snoring, place the phone on a stable surface near the user’s head, with the bottom of the phone pointed towards the user. When it comes to blood oxygen monitoring during sleep, it is measured via the user’s breathing, so with this, it allows user to keep track of their health conditions. Analyse your sleep score based on the sleep factors – From total sleep time to sleep cycles, movements and awakenings as well as physical & mental recovery. 


There’s more to menstrual cycle in women’s health when you start tracking and understanding your body better. With the #GalaxyWatch4 series, you can now understand the unique aspects of your feminine health, and learn how your cycle impacts your overall wellbeing.

On your #GalaxyWatch4 series, just follow these simple steps and you’re ready to tackle your Women’s Health: 

1. Press the Home button on your Samsung Watch & swipe up to access your apps tray and select Samsung Health.

2. Scroll down the screen and select Women's Health.

3. Tap on Enter period to log when you period started or select Add log to record a symptom or mood.

4. Tap on any of the symptoms that match how you're feeling then select Save to apply the changes.

5. Track your ovulation period and start planning your perfect moment.

Manage family planning with ease with the #GalaxyWatch4 series Samsung Health app. Samsung Health partners with Glow  to help you to forecast your upcoming fertile windows, monitor your ovulation days and periods for up to a 24 cycle. With this, you will then be able to plan your perfect moments.

So what are you waiting for? Start setting up your #GalaxyWatch4 with Samsung Health.



Recommended Retail Price (RRP)

Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (46mm)



Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (42mm)



Galaxy Watch4 LTE (44mm)

Green, Silver


Galaxy Watch4 LTE (40mm)

Pink Gold, Black


Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm)

Black, Silver


Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm)

Black, Silver


Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (44mm)

Green, Black, Silver


Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm)

Pink Gold, Black, Silver


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