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The Wait is Almost Over - OPPO A95 Will Be Available in Malaysia Soon!

 OPPO Malaysia will be unveiling the OPPO A95 in the market soon! This is the brand’s new smartphone that comes with a great combination of functionality and style that will definitely excite consumers.


The A95 now features OPPO Glow - a proprietary design and manufacturing technique that is used to create the signature back cover of OPPO smartphones, giving them the well-loved dual matte and glossy appearance by fans around the world. 

The OPPO Glow was incorporated in the design process of the OPPO A95, making the smartphone shimmer brightly while staying fingerprint and scratch-resistant.

The OPPO Glow Process

OPPO Glow’s exclusive design process is innovated from the Reno Glow process. Firstly, a crystal glass piece with the finest clarity and tactile quality is handpicked by the engineering team to create the mold. The glass is then subjected to several rounds of treatment and reinforcements before being engraved in a 99.9% vacuum environment. During this process, millions of nanoscale glowing star-like diamonds will be born, likening the look of a galaxy. With a warm and smooth touch, the OPPO Glow is designed for OPPO A95 to achieve the perfect balance between class and comfort. 

Capture the Rainbow in the Palm of Your Hand

The three main characteristics of the OPPO Glow are:  

1. Visual – A shiny and appealing appearance

2. Tactility – Smooth to touch

3. Practicality – Fingerprint, wear, and dirt/dust resistant for everyday usage

The OPPO A95 comes in two brilliant colors: Glowing Starry Black and Glowing Rainbow Silver. Each color is wholly unique, created to appeal to a diverse range of taste. Akin to the reflection of distant stars on a calm sea, Glowing Starry Black reveals faint flashes of light that shine through the deep black night. On the other end of the spectrum, Glowing Rainbow Silver presents a multichromatic reflection of the colors of a rainbow when viewed under different lighting, offering a unique visual experience to its users. 

Creating the Signature Multi-Colored Effect

First, an appropriate glass must be selected to be etched into a crystal diamond mold. Next, the master mold will be transferred to the plastic coil to make a disposable sub-mold. Concurrently, an even layer of coating solution has to be poured on the surface of the plate of the mobile phone back shell, before subjecting the front sub-film on the mobile phone back shell under vacuum, and applying the coating to produce the effect of shining sand. Finally, the smartphone undergoes high-pressure pre-curing and secondary curing to improve the hardness to form the final appearance of the OPPO A95.

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