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Presenting the Incredible OPPO A95 Memory Expansion, and How You Can Optimise It!

 The storage and memory on our phones become essential over time as we lived by the increasing demands of our life while capturing creative and lively moments through photos and videos. To ensure that you can store all your precious memories and maximize the phone’s efficiency, the RAM Expansion feature in OPPO A95 has got you covered!

OPPO A95 features a RAM 8GB and ROM 128GB configuration, with the RAM Expansion technology allowing users to convert unused ROM storage into RAM to maintain the smooth phone experience, never letting its users down. The best example is when the available RAM is running low, up to 5GB of ROM storage can be converted into short-term RAM, giving you a huge 13GB of RAM to play with.  

Arriving with a mission to help users get the most out of their days, it does an amazing job to reduce lag and avoiding frame rate drops caused by running multiple computationally heavy tasks for a long period. In addition, this feature can also reduce phone memory fragmentation because of the increased number of applications running in the background. That’s not all, the additional RAM space lowers the time it takes to read the data when opening apps, so apps will be able to open quickly every time. 

Users will also be given the freedom to adjust the volume of expansion, with three adjustment levels which are 2GB, 3GB and up to 5GB. Once enabled, the selected ROM volume will be converted to virtual RAM when the smartphone restarts. Check out these simple steps below to fully unlock the feature:

Step 1: Update the smartphone software to the latest version

Step 2: Open [Settings-About phone], click on [RAM], enter [RAM expansion]

Step 3: Select the expansion size as needed, and restart the phone

Step 4: Open the Multitasking interface, and you will find the expanded RAM has   been applied as indicated in the ‘Close All’ button

Step 5: Otherwise, open “About Phone” to find the expanded RAM applied under the RAM section- RAM Expansion Technology Availability

Thanks to the RAM Expansion feature, users can also enjoy the enhanced performance for RAM-intensive games or photo and video editing mobile applications, and experience smoother operation while running multiple mobile applications simultaneously.


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Own the OPPO A95 now at the recommended retail price of RM1,099 and it comes in two stunning colours: Glowing Rainbow Silver and Glowing Starry Black.

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