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Reimagine Space and Perspective in Your Home With Samsung’s The Sero

 While taking a breather or chilling at home, many of us get immersed in the world of social media. Whether you’re watching cat videos on Instagram, a short film on YouTube, or learning some dance moves on TikTok, the tiny screen can sometimes feel too restrictive to the content you’re consuming. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much effort to turn a monotonous routine into exciting new experiences by adding an unconventional twist to your entertainment center. With Samsung’s The Sero TV, you can view mobile content on a rotating TV that can screen mirror your smartphone or tablet, to the TV 43-inch screen, with the phone functioning as a remote. Because Sero means "vertical" or "new" in the Korean language, the TV is rightly enabling a new experience for many users, and quite literally with a twist that has never been seen in other TVs before. 

Fresh perspective with a rotating screen 

This mobile-friendly TV does more than project your social media content. The Sero’s screen rotates to fit exactly what you’re watching, so you can enjoy 360° of entertainment – whether it’s portrait or landscape. Because the screen is now bigger, users no longer have to strain their eyes trying to focus on movies, articles and social media feeds being displayed on the phone, which is especially useful with small children or seniors with poor sight. 

The Sero also delivers sound for an exceptionally robust, base-enhancing audio experience. Unlike other TVs, The Sero’s premium 4.1ch 60W speakers are located under its vertical stand, and the woofer speaker is further supported by a passive radiator to offer deeper and richer bass sounds. So, if you’re mirroring your music playlist to the TV, The Sero is guaranteed to let you enjoy deep, powerful sound throughout the room with plenty of basses. 

Redefine space with vertical design and wheels

Sometimes positioning a TV in your home can be tricky as the traditional living space is often filled with fixed furniture and the TV has a designated area within the setup. In larger homes, users had to also invest in multiple TVs for select rooms which involve a lot of investments as TV becomes more advanced every year.  

With The Sero, transforming parts of your home is easy with a little imagination. Its conveniently designed wheels allow users to roll the TV from room to room to reinvent their space. An intimidating kitchen becomes a fun classroom by adding a life-size guide to help you through recipes. An unused corner turns into a gym, fully equipped with a virtual trainer. Imagine home cafes and virtual concert halls as you stay playful and creative.

The elegantly minimal TV with a navy-blue stand can be easily put in one of its five Portrait Mode to enhance your space when not in use. Users can pick to load up a number of animated clock face designs, posters and a sound wall to deliver a range of different display features when the TV is in the screen saver mode. No more black empty screen, it’s the era of colourful stand-by display! 

Cutting Edge and Revolutionary QLED Technology

The Sero screen uses QLED material, and the built-in 4.1 channel is also equipped with a 60W speaker specification and supports Bixby voice assistant. As a result, you can get a better-optimized experience when you browse real-time dynamics and real-time short videos. 

Designed to adapt to each user's needs, the TV delivers 100% colour volume with over a billion colours and shades for a genuinely cinematic and immersive experience. The Sero also uses AI to upscale content to 4K resolution so that you can stream your favorite TikTok or Instagram stories in spectacular detail. 

Built for the future of entertainment, The Sero is further enhanced with other intelligent features such as Adaptive Picture, Responsive UI, Tap View technology, Active Voice Amplifier (AVA), etc., for an advanced viewing experience. 

Indeed, why settle for the normal when you can redefine your living space to suit your unique personality! If you would like to learn more about other amazing features of Samsung’s The Sero, log on to