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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: A Fan-Favourite Throwback

 The idea of self-modifying a device is nothing new, but it’s a feat that takes incredible precision and a fair amount of risk to accomplish, without forgetting the hefty cost of buying individual parts. It was this exact drive to improve that fueled the conception of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, incorporating the most-requested features in a bid to give back something bigger and better to fans worldwide.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition packs a number of praiseworthy additions, among which include its 120Hz refresh rate to deliver an incredibly smooth screen experience. No matter if you’re gaming, watching your favourite show, or simply scrolling, its impeccable refresh rate will absolutely change your viewing habits forever!

Samsung fans come from all walks of life and requested for longer lasting phones to accommodate prolonged hours for work and play. With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, Samsung has achieved just that with its All-Day Use 4,500mAh battery, ensuring that you never have to feel like you’re short on time ever again.

Ultimately, Samsung promises nothing but quality for each device and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is no exception. To continue inspiring creativity, Samsung has gone above-and-beyond to bundle a Triple-Lens Camera alongside a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED immersive display for photo enthusiasts to indulge in their best creation.

Equipped with a smooth and vibrant screen, an extended battery life, and pro-grade photo capabilities, it comes as no surprise to say that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition remains a fan-favourite to this day. After all, the Fan Edition only exists for you!

Samsung is striking massive deals of up to 23% through their year-end sale for fans to enjoy huge savings and rewards via product bundles like Eco-Pack 6 and Eco-Pack 7, which includes the Galaxy S20 FE series and award-winning AKG Y500 wireless headphones.

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