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Caffeinees Group’s passion project comes to life with the launch of Truffle Chocolate Malaysia (TCM)

 Caffeinees Group officially launched their new venture, Truffle Chocolate Malaysia (TCM), offering a minimalistic yet decadently delicious and slightly sinful range of handcrafted truffle nama chocolates, spreads and soft serves. 

Caffeinees Group launched TCM in collaboration with a group of partners - including Datin Wira Wong Mew Choo (Malaysian former badminton singles player), Gan Mei Yan (celebrity DJ and actor) and Matthew Soh.

The grand launch ceremony was also attended by Tourism Malaysia’s Deputy Director, Chan Hon Mun as well as key business partners, YM Raja Zainal Badri Bin YM Raja Datuk Sharifuddin, Director of Suplemen Pacific  and Natalie Cheng, Co-Founder of Happy Creme. 

The silky and creamy artisanal chocolates are made with carefully sourced premium Italian truffles, 80% local dark chocolate cocoa and topped with pure 24-karat edible gold leaves. Handmade daily in limited quantities, each bite of the truffle flavoured solid chocolate ganache coated with cocoa powder is richly satisfying as it simply melts in your mouth. 

Alongside the pure Truffle Nama Chocolates, there is also the hot selling Truffle Nama Chocolate with Macadamia and Truffle Chocolate Nougat.

The cocoa is sustainably sourced from only the top of Malaysia’s cacao crops from farmers who share the same passion about quality and craftsmanship - so that you may enjoy the true rich flavours and complex characteristics of the natural cacao where else the truffles are imported from reputable and carefully selected Italian gourmet suppliers. This is also part of Truffle Chocolate Malaysia’s vision to be recognised internationally as the top truffle chocolate makers and to promote Made in Malaysia products.

Besides their signature truffle nama chocolates, TCM also offers an amazing array of truffle spreads; Truffle Butter Spread (premium truffle butter with Italian truffle flakes), Truffle Chocolate Spread (80% dark chocolate spread with premium Italian truffle flakes and Truffle Cream (premium truffle cream with Italian truffle flakes).

TCM have also expanded to a drive-through concept located at Caffeinees, where chocolate lovers can pop over to the ‘Truffle House’ and indulge in a Classic Truffle Chocolate Waffle Cone and the Ultimate 24k Gold Truffle Chocolate Waffle Cone soft serve which were exclusively developed in collaboration with Happy Creme or you can opt to pick up any of the truffle nama chocolate and spreads without needing to leave your vehicle. 

The idea and story of TCM started during the Covid-19 pandemic and movement control order (MCO) in 2020 when strict safety, dining-in measures and travel restrictions were in place. 

“When we were all staying at home during the lockdown period, we had requested our chef to surprise us with something unique and exclusively crafted for our family and friends to lift everyone’s spirits. The thought behind it was to give our loved ones and guests a wonderful and memorable experience and that we have them in our hearts,” said June Chang, Executive Director of Caffeinees Group and Managing Director of TCM.

This was how TCM was conceived and it has grown to become a perfect gift to send on any occasion to loved ones and friends who appreciate luxury handcrafted truffle chocolates made by local artisans – a gift that shows how important they are in your life. 

The chocolates start at RM88 per box (each box contains six chocolates), where else the spreads are at RM19 each and the Classic Truffle Chocolate Waffle Cone is RM18 and the Ultimate 24k Gold Truffle Chocolate Waffle Cone at RM56. 

For the upcoming Chinese New Year, you are able to savour or gift the Limited Edition Truffle Chocolate Cookies - creamy and crunchy truffle chocolate cookies made with premium Italian truffles, bamboo charcoal powder and dark chocolate cocoa. There are also an assortment of carefully curated hampers for the occasion for the perfect CNY gift. 

All TCM products are available for purchase at or at the Truffle House situated in Caffeinees’s outlet (16, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur). 

Keep an eye out too for the soon-to-be-launched exclusive Valentine’s Day gift collaboration with Carven Ong, renowned Malaysian designer and Founder of Carven Ong Couture. 

You can follow their social media @trufflechocolatemalaysia for updates and launch of new and exclusive products.