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British High Commissioner Congratulates Sunway College Students

 An outstanding ELEVEN A-Level student from Sunway College have received a total of 15 prestigious awards from Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) for their outstanding performance in the June 2021 examination series. With the recent awards, Sunway College continues to stand as the recipient of the highest number of Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in Malaysia. Sunway College A-Level is also named as the number one provider in the country by the CAIE office of Malaysia. 

Eight out of the 11 students were awarded the highest distinction -- Top in the World -- which recognises those who achieved the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject.

With the recent awards, Ruth Cheah the director of Cambridge A-Level personally delivered the congratulatory memento endorsed by Charles Hay the British High Commissioner to the eight out of the 11 students who were awarded the highest distinction -- Top in the World -- which recognises those who achieved the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject.

Chai Zi Yang was awarded ‘Best Across Three’ while achieving ‘Top in the World’ for Mathematics and ‘Top in Malaysia’ for Physics. It is Zi Yang’s second consecutive ‘Best Across’ award after his ‘Best Across Four’ award early this year. Parents of Zi Yang mentioned that they are immensely glad to have received a memento endorsed by the British High Commissioner. They also praised Sunway College for going the extra mile delivering this prestigious award to their son. 

Tan Jing Er who has scored excellent marks in Mathematics and earned the prestigious spot in the world shared she wasn’t expecting to have the memento personally delivered to her doorstep. 

Pleasantly praised his daughter for the excellent results she achieved throughout her time at Sunway College, Tan Chong Boon the father of Tan Jing Er thanked Ruth and her team for their constant support towards Jing Er’s education at Sunway College. 

One of the ‘Top in the World’ award recipients Devaassenan Mahenthiran said he was pleasantly surprised when Sunway College found an alternative way to present the award to him amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “I will place this somewhere in my house to remind myself of this prestigious award that I put my hard work into,” said Devaassenan. 

Tan Ping, the ‘Top in the World’ for Mathematics shared “I will put it up somewhere where I can display it. This is an achievement worth remembering. I am very happy and proud of myself for achieving great academic excellence.” 

“I am very proud. He put in hard work to achieve his goal and this experience will serve him very well in his life. I am very proud that he has this experience and award,” said Tan Yu, Tan Ping’s brother. 

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards celebrates the success of learners taking Cambridge examinations in over 40 countries around the world. Cambridge places learners at the centre of their international education programmes and qualifications which are inspired by the best in educational thinking. At Sunway College, we are equally determined to ensure their unique qualifications, achieved through a "once in a lifetime "global pandemic is recognised and celebrated like never before. And one particular group of students achievements have surpassed that of even the rest of the world.