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Affordable back-to-school essentials at MR D.I.Y.

 It’s back to school for all Malaysian school children, with the new academic year for students aged 7 to 17 in national schools beginning 21 March 2022. 

With the Omnicron virus still rampant, parents and educators don’t just have to worry about equipping their children with school essentials, they also need to ensure the children are safe so that they can keep learning.

Recognising this, Malaysia’s favourite home improvement retailer is offering a wide array of personal protective essentials at Always Low Prices in its ‘Back to School’ campaign running from 1 - 22 March 2022 . With discounts up to 40%, the campaign allows parents and educators to stretch their ringgit further, while ensuring the school childrenhave everything they need.

Announcing the campaign, MR D.I.Y. Group Head of Marketing, Alex Goh said: “As a homegrown retailer, we want to continuously do our best for the rakyat. And that includes supporting our customers through their challenges.  With parents worrying about sending their children back to school in the midst of the pandemic and concerned about rising costs, we decided to initiate this “Back to School” initiative.  

Goh said parents and teachers could  visit MR D.I.Y stores to source for useful personal protective  items like face masks at only RM1.70 per pack of 10, face shields, as well as hand sanitisers.  They can also stock up on school essentials like school socks, school shoes from RM12.90 to RM8.90, lunch boxes at RM5.90, as well as stationery sets and school bags. 

“We are also aware that some students will have to sometimes learn from home, if they have been exposed to the virus or have family members who have been affected.  So we have also included ‘Always Low Prices’ on electronic products such as earphones, microphones, mouse pads, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, laptop stands, and even webcams to help the students.  This way, we ensure parents have peace of mind, and students keep learning,” added Goh.

MR D.I.Y.’s ‘Back to School’ campaign is available at selected MR. D.I.Y., MR. TOY, and MR. DOLLAR stores across Malaysia, including online at For the full list of products on offer visit:

MR D.I.Y.’s products at Always Low Prices are available at more than 900 convenient locations nationwide, with everyday essentials protected from undue price hikes through its Price Lock commitment. 

For more information, visit MR D.I.Y.’s website,, e-commerce platform,, and their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.