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NCT Groups Inks MOUs in support of 4IR & TVET Talentship and Internship Program

Property Developer, NCT Group of Companies (NCT Group) today inked two Memorandum of Understanding with tertiary institutions in support of initiatives to develop 4IR & TVET Talentship and Internship Programme for students. The MoU signing was initiated between NCT Group of Companies and two institutes, namely, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) and VTAR Institute (VTAR) sat TAR UC Main Campus and VTAR Institute in Kuala Lumpur. 

Representing NCT Group was Dato’ Yap Fook Choy, Co-Founder and Executive Director of NCT Group of Companies while TAR UC was represented by its President, Prof. Ir Dr. Lee Sze Wei, and VTAR were represented by Madam Tan Cheng Liang, Chief Executive Officer. The ceremony was also witnessed by Associate Profesor Dr. Loke Chui Fung, Dean of Faculty of Applied Science from TAR UC, and Datuk Yoo Wei How, Chairman of VTAR Institute. 

An integral component of addressing future needs, 4IR represents disruptive transformation of industries through the application of emerging technology. It is characterized by new technology that integrates physical, digital, and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, industries, and the economy. The MoU signing between NCT Group with TAR UC and VTAR is aimed to provide educational opportunities and industry experiences to the next generation while fostering a competent workforce for the industry. A real-life industry experience learning platform is pivotal for students to form their cornerstone to future success. 

Giving a foretaste to the initiative, Dato’ Yap Fook Choy commented, “This initiative will serve as an opportunity for NCT Group to expand and share our expertise as we mentor the young graduates, providing students with a  real-life understanding of industry experience and expectations. We are focused on 4IR and TVET given its potential to improve the wellbeing of society by raising income levels, increasing societal cohesion, improving efficiency, providing convenience, safety and security, and better protecting and conserving limited natural resources. It presents new and promising opportunities for Malaysia to attain a high-income nation status by elevating our strengths and advancing our existing competitive edge for the betterment of the society. ”

“I am pleased that TAR UC and NCT Group have initiated this historic collaboration, which will elevate the development of 4IR to greater heights in Malaysia,” said Prof Ir Dr. Lee. “Overcoming real-life challenges and learning to tide through the adversities are part and parcel of what students have to commit to paving the road to success. I am more than excited today as the collaboration will effectively render students more insights into the industry,” he added.

Madam Tan Cheng Liang, Chief Executive Officer, VTAR said “We look forward to begin this fruitful initiative with NCT Group to develop and groom young graduates for the future of work place. With industries evolving at a faster pace, there is a greater need to shape more resilient and ambitious students who are able to adapt to the changing business environment and most importantly, drive innovation to achieve the collective goal of an organization. The MoU today marks the first step towards creating a competent workforce and is a step in the right direction as we prepare future innovative leaders for Malaysia.”

NCT Group’s MoU between TAR UC and VTAR today exemplifies the collaboration between a higher educational institution and a private corporate organization to raise the bar for developing full-fledged students for the benefit of the nation