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Women of Samsung Share their Goals for the Future and the Technology that Empowers Them

 To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked six inspiring colleagues from Samsung Malaysia to share what motivates them and the technology that empowers them to succeed. Here are their stories.

Khaizanita Binti Zakaria, Power Woman

Leading a team in a fast paced industry while managing a family requires a strong set of skills. Khaizanita understands the demands she has to meet on a daily basis and believes today’s women are amazing.

“We wear so many different hats today as a worker, supervisor, team player, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, tax payer, hence our ability to multitask is far greater. Our lives may be split between being the loving, caring, supportive woman domestically and the leader at work,” said Khaizanita.

Helping her manage work and life is the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G that lets her multitask with ease. With the Z Fold3’s Flex mode features, she can join a video call using the devices top screen while checking her meeting notes on the bottom, making her work efficiently and effectively.

She’s also relies on the Jet Bot AI+ to keep her home clean. The smart robotic vacuum cleaner uses cutting-edge object-recognition technology to scan an object and expertly navigate around the house. Using the SmartThings App[1] on her Galaxy Z Fold3, she can schedule which rooms to clean. Giving her more time to spend with family instead of chores.

Angel Ng Xin Ying, Next Gen Storyteller


Dancer and content creator, Angel believes young women should be fearless and always take a chance to learn and try new things.

“Now is the time to try, explore and improve on your interests, soft and hard skills. Women today should no longer be judged on certain things that were considered unwomanly in the past.”

Angel’s Galaxy S21 FE and her Galaxy Watch4 are her favourite products to make her everyday epic. ­­

“I currently love the S21 FE the most, mainly because of its aesthetic and camera. Plus, the lavender pastel version is one of my favourite colours! It has enhanced my content creation as I can now produce beautiful content and record dance covers that look professional and flawless.”

“I’m also really amazed with the Galaxy Watch4’s ability to measure body composition conveniently. I believe I’m healthier than ever before now. I try to avoid sitting the whole day at work, as the watch will remind me to move around between hours”, said Angel.

Emma Ho, Avid Explorer

Avid reader, Emma Ho seeks to learn and explore the world as much as possible. She understands that life experiences can shape our perspectives.

“It's important to recognise that we all have different realities. My reality in urban KL is very different from the reality of a woman in rural Kelantan, for example. As much as our similarities matter, so do our differences. What I would like, moving forward, is for women to empathise with and understand each other better. Otherwise, there wouldn't be much credibility when we claim to speak or demand on behalf of women.”

Emma is working on the roll-out of an exciting new product for Malaysians, which she believes will help them see their world in a different perspective, more or less.

“The Freestyle is the world's first, truly personal projector. I owned a projector back when I was in university, but no way does it compare to the technology that we have now. The portability and versatility of The Freestyle breaks the boundaries of traditional screens and enables you to invent and enjoy new methods of entertainment.”

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