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40 Weeks : She is not out yet

 It marks the 40 weeks and my lil girl is not out yet. We have been staying home and hoping that she will be out anytime soon; perhaps life is too comfortable inside the tummy and she love staying inside. 

It’s our appointment with Dr Yew in Selayang Hospital and decision of either C-Sec or wait need to be concluded. The baby is still happy inside with no sign of coming out anytime. 

After the ultrasound scan, the baby estimated weight is at 3.26 kg which is simply bigger than her sister which is born at 2.9 kg. There are so much of concern for both me and hubby when we encounter this as our first one is pretty plump when she is born at 2.9kg. We are now considering if C-Sec would be a good choice due to the bigger weight she have and this is a dilemma for me for the few days when the doctor tell me past weeks that her weight will definitely exceed 3kg. 

I always wanted to try normal delivery but age and health factor is another concern that I need to think about. There is so much to roll in my brain regards to this as from the start as she is not breech, I am happy that I can continue with normal delivery and her weight has been maintaining low till the last 2 weeks pregnancy. Every time, we do the ultrasound, her weight is less than expected and doctor is afraid of her small size. And thru-out the whole pregnancy, my weight does not gain much overall which is worrying compare to my first pregnancy.

And  this had made us decide to go for c-sec after considering the weight. Dr Yew had decided the date and time and I will be giving birth on 7th which is 2 days overdue. For me and hubby, we hope she will come out anytime. 

Praying this will be ok !