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Easy Recipe : Cereal Prawns


Cereal Prawns is something worth to go for. It is indeed one of the things to go for and it is always kids favourite. And this time, we would love to share the recipes too


❤️500g large prawns

❤️5 bird´s eye chillies

❤️2 stalks curry leaves

❤️3 tbsp butter

❤️1 cup of oats

❤️ 1 tbsp of sugar 

❤️ 2 tbsp of milk powder ( you can use any baby milk powder)


❤️1 tsp chicken stock powder

❤️1 tsp salt

❤️1/2 tsp pepper


1. Clean the prawn and marinate them with the chicken stock powder, salt and pepper for 30 minutes

2. Mix the oats, sugar and milk powder in separate bowl well 

3. Heat up the wok and deep fried the prawns till is changes colour and dish them out.

4. Heat up the clean wok and add in the butter. Once; its melt add in the curry leaves, birds chilly and the oats, sugar and milk powder inside

5. Fry them at low temperature

6. Add in the the prawns and stir fried briefly