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Get In Shape Right in Time for RAYA with Galaxy Watch4

 The happiest time of the year for Malaysians, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, is just weeks away! From lemang to lontong, it’s a season full of scrumptious calorie-rich delicacies that are so irresistible. We all wish to indulge fully in the feast-ivities without feeling guilty, while also looking our best in our Raya clothes. Wishes do come true if you work hard. So, work it out and get in shape now before the Raya festive season picks up!

Staying active during Ramadan can be difficult as you’re running on very little energy from a 14-hour fast. To boost workout motivation and efficiency, consider adding the ultimate personal trainer, Galaxy Watch4, to your lifestyle. 

Featuring the superior Samsung BioActive Sensor technology, you can effortlessly conduct advanced health tracking on your own, such as blood oxygen, heart rate and body composition, to gain a more holistic understanding of your body and optimize your strategies to achieve your targets. Based on your preferences and health analysis, the Galaxy Watch4 will then recommend personalized routines, track your workout progress in detail and display motivational messages for you to keep going. 

At times, exercising by oneself can get a little boring or lonesome. Amp up the intensity of your workout with interval target trainings  or Group Challenge with your pals. You can pre-set your interval running or cycling targets on Samsung Health like duration, distance and number of sets, and compete with your friends to see who reaches the goals the fastest. Every step you take will be updated in real time on Together Mode’s leaderboard , making it thrilling and inspiring for your friend group to go the extra mile. 

In addition to exercising, making smart choices on what goes into your body every day is important too. The nutrition tracking feature on the Galaxy Watch4 can help you keep track of your food and water intake so you’re always aware of your diet. Whether it’s fasting, festive, or regular seasons, it is best to follow the basic concept of eating in moderation, eating a balanced diet, and staying active to keep yourself in the healthiest shape all the time.  

Now that you’ve learnt how to leverage the Galaxy Watch4 to get healthy and fit effectively, it’s time to kick start your fitness plan so you can slay during Raya and have more quota to feast! 

Impian Raya Bersama Ramadan Campaign

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