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Local Travels: Spending time with kids at 99 Wonderland Park

 The 99 Wonderland Park is one of the attractions which is located at Selayang. It is one of a unique Recreational Landmark that adopts an “open” concept, allowing the visitors to interact with the birds and animals. The park includes T-Rex Ring, 12 Zodiac Zone, Golden Waterfall, Sky Fountain - all of which featuring with LED lights in the evening.

With the 23 acres Recreation Landmark which is under JL99 Group the park completes with wide attractions. During the MCO, they had also upgraded their facilities as well as their park with more animals to enhance the overall experience for visitor. 

With the welcoming lighting in the front of the park, once you had purchased your ticket, you can snap your family photos and more. 

Walk around the snap some pictures at the 99 Eifel Towel and continue with their I LOVE KL, the 99 Windmill and the London Telephone booth. 

Continue your journey to spot the Buaya Tembaga where they are the Saltwater crocodiles and one of the largest living reptile in the world. They also have wide variety of animals along the way such as the capybara, otter, African crested porcupine, mara, and merkat as well as the monster fish and more.

Walk around the 99 Wild Island and children can enjoy and witness wide variety of animals and reptiles too. They have the Snake House, Asian Plam Civet, African Civet, Prarie dig, Ferret, Green Iguana, Common Marmoset, Bat-Eared Fox, Racoon, Ostrich, Sulcata Tortrices, African Crowned Crane and more. They do have the Serval Cat, African Civet * Caracal all the way. 

They have exclusive booth for you to take pictures and the 99 Panda Street too which is furnished with cute pandas along.  While walking all the way one can have the picture with the Golden Waterfall and go around to enjoy some other animals such as the Flamingo,  99 Beruang Matahari, Deer Yard, Tapir Malaya, and many more.

Children and adults can also buy some food to feed the pets too. They have the Duck Lagoon which is furnished with imported ducks such as the Great White Pelcan, Bar-Headed Goose, Mute Swan, Mandarin Duck, Wood Duck, AFtrican Spoonbill, Red -Crested Pochard, Black Swan, Scarlet Ibis, Peafowl and more. 

And at the Birdsquare,  they have wide variety of birds too such as the Blue And Gold Macaw, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and many more. 

At certain hours, they also have the Musical Fountain too

Other than that, in here one can enjoy some rides around here too which includes the 99 Paddle Boat Ride, 99 Jetty & 99 Cruise Ride and many more.

They have the 99 Musical Water Fountain at certain time too.  Complete your day here snapping pictures with loads of special lighting and the dinosaur too. Other than that, you can snap plentiful of pictures at the Isle of Hearts Magical booth, Magical Bridge and Mall


The ticket price are as below : 

The Opening Hours 

Location : 

99 Wonderland Park ( Wildlife @ The City) 

Jalan 13a, Pusat Bandar Utara Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor

Phone: 012-995 5399