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Our First Impression : The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

As tablets had becoming a demand in the market and they can do so much, consumers are getting into purchasing tablets for work and also entertainment. Along with the S22 series flagship launch, Samsung had also launched their latest tab S8 which caters to different user needs.  And with the launch of the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra, I am definitely excited to try on its specs and more.
The Design  The Samsung S8 Ultra brings you the size of 14.6” which is one of the largest tabs we had reviewed so far. It weighs around 480grams which is considered light; but due to the dimension size, you can hold them with one hand but to be more comfortable; 2 hands would be the best! The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra brings you an elegant look and it is well connected to the Book Cover Keyboard which makes it easy to carry around or keep in your backpack or on your hand. The Samsung Tab S8 Completes with the power and volume button on the right side of the slate and there is the micro SD card slot at the bottom right side. At the back of the pad, they come with the Tab S8 Ultra has rear-facing cameras and a magnetic strip to hold the S pen. A USB-C port and two speakers rest at the bottom edge. The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra does not come with a headphone jack, which means you need to connect your headphones via a USB C port or wireless via Bluetooth. The Display The display is something worth shouting about. The display comes with a 14.6-inch (2960×1848) 120Hz AMOLED display. You can now enjoy the bright and vibrant colors of the screen and it is the centerpiece of this tablet, both physically and conceptually. It's a vehicle to get Samsung's biggest, best mobile OLED in your hands, and it does that pretty well.
The SPen  The SPen is something to shout out when you are using the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. I am always been in love with the SPen as it really helps in many things at work. The pen works simply well with the Tab S8 Ultra and the feeling is just like holding a proper pen in the hand and it is not a fragile stylus. The Keyboard The unit comes with the Book Cover Keyboard which is the key making the Tab 8 Ultra just like a laptop as what Samsung is promoting. It comes with a large keyboard and it just feels like having a laptop in your hand where it is so easy to use and type. The Book Cover Keyboard does not just protect the tab itself but it makes work easy with the thin keyboard with it, especially for those who are using them outside. The Camera The Tab S8 Ultra completes with the two front-facing 12MP camera which  is use for regular shooting and ultrawide shots. And for the back, it comes with a 13 MP and 6 MP camera. And the camera can record video up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. They have the auto framing technology pans on the camera which ensure that you are in the frame and it works well whenever you are using them for Zoom Meeting and all. The Performance The tab completes with the high specs which is the Snapdragon 9 Gen 1 Chip, 12GB of RAM, and 256B of storage space that is completely good in serving me well and navigates well with the apps without lagging. The Sound The sound system is indeed perfect too. The speakers work well, and you can enjoy the clear and crisp sound especially when you are watching youtube or listening to songs. They are just perfect!  If you want to have the Dolby Atmos support, you can enable them in the Setting Menu The Battery  The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra completes with a sizable battery which is at 11,200mAh battery and can last 10 hours of working time. It comes with the 45W of fast charging. What’s in the Box
The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra completes with the Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, and Ejection Pin, S Pen, Data Cable, Ejection Pin, and one Book Cover Keyboard in the box. Overall, The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is indeed a top-notch tab which makes it not just a tab itself. With the bigger screen, Spen, and featured a dual high-quality ultra-wide camera, it is indeed a great tab not just for entertainment but also for work. It can supports apps like Adabe Lightroom, Canva and more together with the Super AMOLED display, it is definitely a great tools for designers and photographers to edit their video and photo  easily. They are priced at RM 5800 for 12GB + 256 GB, As for the colours, they only have one colour to go for which is the graphite For more information, check out Samsung Website @