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Quick Guide to The Freestyle All-In-One Entertainment – Your Raya Companion

You know it is the first day of Syawal when there are joyful celebrations that are loud and raucous where most of families will gather at one space to celebrate- definitely well-deserved after a month long of abstinence. With streets that are thronged with fairy lights, house decked with ketupat leaves and oil lamps, and everyone seems to be stunningly well-dressed in its yearly theme color. 

Samsung Malaysia has put together a guide to showcase how The Freestyle goes beyond the scope of conventional projectors to deliver a truly immersive entertainment experience for all Malaysians when it comes to festive season.


1. Travel Far, Pack Light: Portable Screens Perfect for ‘Balik Kampung’

Muslims located in the cities typically balik kampung (return to their home towns) in order to celebrate Hari Raya with their families.

With its compact size and minimal weight at only 830 grams, this portable projector is super convenient to pack alongside your new set of baju raya. The Freestyle is a must-have item in your travel bag.

2. Cook up a storm - Stream Recipe Anywhere, Everywhere 

No Hari Raya is complete without the heart-warming and mouth-watering cuisine prepared by loved ones. Surprise your family with their favorite dishes such as rendang, dodol and satay with peanut sauce by preparing them yourself!

In case you do not know how, simply look it up by using the Tap View feature in the SmartThings app on your smartphone. Connect The Freestyle to your mobile device to access the exact User Interface of your Samsung Smart TV or just stream and project the recipe onto your wall, or the table while you learn and cook your heart out.

The Freestyle freely rotates up to 180 degrees, allowing you to find the perfect position without moving the projector. You can also power on and off the device using only your voice, so it’s perfect for when your hands are occupied with kitchenware. You can also ask questions, listen to music, or open apps with ease using voice commands in between your busy preparation. 

3. Find Your Sweet Spot: Entertainment for Anywhere in Your Home

Even if you love to stay at home, it doesn’t mean you’re limited to watching everything in one spot. Stream Raya movies with your family in the living room, and then take The Freestyle with you when you want to watch something in your bedroom. 

Designed for portability, The Freestyle automatically adjusts the level, focus and keystone as soon as you touch the power button for a quick and hassle-free setup.

If you love decorating your home, you can also add ambiance to your room with The Freestyle. Even if you don’t have a white screen or a clear wall to use, you can still enhance your space with mood lighting effects, artwork and more. Create your own unique Hari Raya theme ambiance and project onto the curtains or blinds, adding style and personality to your living space. The Freestyle also has a built-in smart speaker which analyses the music to pair visual effects giving you a more immersive Raya mood. 

4. The Bigger, The Better: Scalable Screens for Homes of Any Size

When it comes to your TV screen, bigger is always better. But what if you were gathered in a small space which have been compromised by how large your family is. 

Now, the Freestyle makes big-screen streaming easier than ever, no matter how much space you have. Enjoy watching Raya movies with your family on a large screen (up to 100 inches) anytime, anywhere. Using the Scale & Move feature, you can scale the projected display size up to 50% and move the screen without ever needed to move the projector.

Often, there are days when some of your family members are unable to visit due to other commitments that won’t allow them to balik kampung. Why not take a trip down memory lane by browsing your family photo albums using The Freestyle’s mirroring feature for Android and iOS devices. Through smartphone mirroring, you can even video call your friends and family on a large screen. Light up your wall with heartfelt memories and stay connected to your loved ones, even when you’re far apart. 

4. Life of the Party: Customizable Features Worth Celebrating

If you’ve been invited to a friend’s Raya open house, why not bring along The Freestyle so you can share and showcase what The Freestyle can do. 

Whether you’re the holiday party planner to a weekend-hangout organizer, or if you want to be a great guest to your friend’s party instead, The Freestyle offers features that are something to celebrate. 

Photo credit: @itsjovynn

When it’s not being used as a projector, The Freestyle has an ambient mode that allows you to customize your space with mood lighting effects. Instead of using a placard, you can use the Freestyle to create a photo zone for your party instantly. Blast your favorite Raya playlist through The Freestyle’s speaker and turn your get-together into a night you’ll never forget.

With high-quality sound and Bluetooth connectivity, The Freestyle is great choice to play music at your friend’s open house. Comparable to the high-performance portable Bluetooth speakers out in the market, The Freestyle’s powerful built-in speakers deliver rich 360-degree sound, so you can experience immersive audio from wherever you’re sitting. By playing your favorite artist onscreen, you can quickly transform your living room into your very own concert venue.

The Freestyle also offers a variety of colors that give users the freedom to express their unique style down to the smallest detail. It’s easy to upgrade the look of your projector with soft, protective rubber covers in colors  for every occasion, such as Blossom Pink, Forest Green and Coyote Beige.


The Freestyle goes beyond the capabilities of regular devices to give you the freedom to customize and consume content wherever, whenever and however you want. This ultraportable, smart TV projector combines high-quality visuals and immersive audio to deliver an entire entertainment experience. Transform your space and express yourself with the infinite possibilities provided by The Freestyle, made to fit every occasion.

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