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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra : Our In-Depth Review

 The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra is a tab that definitely won’t disappoint you for sure. After using them for a week plus, we are totally immersed and fall in love with the tab itself.  


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra is indeed a tab that impressed me. It's seriously the slimmest packaging for a tablet that I've seen for the huge screen. The Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra is the biggest tablet as for now and it comes with the 14.6 inch giant display.  It’s an aluminium tablet that’s virtually all screen, with thin bezels and a surprisingly thin chassis. Samsung has managed to keep the tablet surprisingly thin at just 5.5mm. In landscape orientation you'll find the power and volume buttons in the top left corner and the SIM tray on the top-right. You get four speakers on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with two on either side. In addition to this, the left side has a microphone while the right has a USB Type-C port. It comes with the fingerprint scanner which is very easy to be reach with your thumb. 
And below they come with the three-pin connector with the notches on either side on to the compatible accessories such as the Book Cover Keyboard.
As for the back panel, it is made of metal which brings you a premium look and feel. They are completed with the camera module on the top with the two camera sensors. And it comes with the glossy black strip which extends below for the wireless charging for the S Pen which can be latched magnetically. 

  The Display

  The display comes with the 14.6 inch, 2960 x 1848, 120Hz OLED screen. It’s a tremendous display, with the punchy colours. It completes with the OLED screens where Samsung is famed for. With the high refresh rate, it makes every touch interaction feel very smooth. When you are watching movies and videos, they are indeed marvellous especially it is paired together with the loud and powerful speakers. 

  The S Pen

The S Pen allows you to perform actions much like on Samsung's Galaxy Note phones, such as taking notes, selecting part of the screen to capture in a screenshot, and even launching your favourite apps. Air Actions allow you to perform certain actions by holding the button on the S Pen and moving it around. You can also sketch or colour using the S Pen, in compatible apps. It is well detected and using it for sketch and colouring is perfect as I can feel like it is just like colouring on the paper. Love it so much!  


  The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset - that’s the top-end chip used by Android devices at the time of the tablet’s release.  We tested the tablet with a few games and found it performed well, although it was admittedly hard to use touch controls on a massive screen.  The chipset is paired with 8GB, 12GB or 16GB RAM, and 16GB will certainly be useful if your workflow involves loads of apps. Storage tops out at 512GB but a microSD card slot lets you get an additional 1TB space if you want it. 


 As for the camera, they are packed with four cameras on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra where there is  two are front-facers are two are on the rear. The two front cameras are both 12MP: one has a wide-angle lens while the other is ultra-wide. The former is the one you’ll use for selfies while the latter is useful for video calls as you can get multiple people in your field of view and the camera can follow you around a select area if you’re presenting.  On the back, there’s a 13MP main and 6MP ultra-wide snapper. As the tab is huge, I don’t think you will be using them for photography but they are good for scanning documents, AR functions and reference imagery. Asides from that, they comes in few camera modes too which includes Single Take, Pro Photography and Night Mode. 

  Battery life

The Battery which is packed in the S8 Ultra Tab comes with a 11,200mAh power pack, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra’s battery is meaty enough to provide that gigantic screen with loads of juice. With my casual usage, which also included remaining idle            at times, the battery lasted me between two to three days before the tablet needed to be charged.  For heavy users, they are able to use it for full day. Samsung does not bundle a charger in the box and you can get the charger on your own from Samsung Store. It supports 45W fast charging and for me who are using the 68 W charging, I can fully charge them within 2 hours.  


Overall, the Samsung S8 Tab Ultra is indeed an impressive tab with great quality product where you can use them not just as a tab but like a laptop too. The battery life is awesome and the overall experience is a good one.  For more information about the Samsung S8 Ultra Tab, checkout here :