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 To those observing, this holy month of Ramadhan carries special significance. Alongside the spiritual reflection and growth, feelings of comfort, fulfilment and familiarity rooted in tradition permeate the occasion. Flavors reminiscent of breaking fast with beloved family members hold strong in one’s mind. This Ramadhan and Raya season, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia aims to rekindle those precious moments to be shared with family members and friends, while creating exciting new experiences to be cherished together – with flavors both bold and familiar through new seasonal beverages and a Ramadhan/Raya-inspired menu.

“This Ramadhan season brings much to reflect on, especially as it coincides with the country’s gradual transition towards the endemic phase. Our special Ramadhan and Raya menu takes inspiration from the many beloved traditional dishes to create something that is familiar yet exciting.” said Fiona Rodrigues, Head of Sales & Marketing, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia. “As we continue to take the necessary precaution in all our stores, we want to welcome all our guests and their families to enjoy our offerings this season. Whether through the Ramadhan- and Raya-inspired dishes or our Cold & Bold range of cold brew beverages, there is much reason to reminisce the good times and to also create new ones.”

Starting off Cold & Bold, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia is brewing up strong, chilly beverages for Malaysians this season – cold brew lovers, in particular, are in for a refreshing, vibrant and flavorful treat. The Cold & Bold line-up of beverages are proudly crafted with a marriage of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Bali Blue Moon beans, a blend specially perfected for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s® cold brews. 

There is no rushing a good thing – each batch is made freshly steeped cold for 20 hours for maximum flavor extraction, forming a smooth and balanced foundation for the Cold Brew Black (small RM 11.50 and regular RM 12.50), the Cold Brew Latte (small RM 12.50 and regular RM 13.50) and the Cold Brew Midnight (regular RM 14.50). 

Specially for this Ramadhan season, the range also features the Cold Brew Burnt Caramel (small RM 14.50 and regular RM 15.50), providing a rich, smoky complexity – a luscious infusion to wake up the senses. No matter which you pick, each beverage is beautifully crafted – ensuring your eyes will always take the first sip. Accompanying the frosty Cold & Bold, a frozen treat to look out for is the Double Chocolate Banana Caramel Ice Blended® (small RM 17.90 and regular RM 18.90). This drinkable dessert is a combination that we are sure you would go bananas for! Complete your experience with the savory Ramadhan delights that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia has put together, such as the hearty Masak Merah Spaghetti and fresh Rendang Pandesal; then top off your dessert stomach with cakes that are similarly festive and no less scrumptious – The Straits and The Raya. The familiar flavors of our special Ramadhan/Raya menu* are best enjoyed together with the family. 

* For full menu, please refer to fact sheet at the end of the press release.

From now till 2nd May, catch the Ramadhan Late Night Dessert Special promotion happening from 8 PM till closing time, where every purchase of two handcrafted beverages comes with a free dessert**. Other than that, now available at RM 2.50 as a new add-on for any iced/cold beverage (with the exception of Ice Blended® drinks) is the Cream Cap – adding a smooth, velvety start to your first sip, along with a cream moustache to go with it! For a limited time only, from 8th April to 7th May, the Cream Cap add-on is available for a launch special price of only RM1.80 in-store and via the Leaf With Me pick-up platform. For those who prefer having their favorite beverages delivered to their doorstep from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, look out for special promotions for the Cream Cap add-on on selected delivery platforms in the coming weeks! Lastly, look forward to the Nerium Series range of merchandise which will be coming soon as well.

** Terms & conditions apply.

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