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Users Inspire Each Other for a Dynamic Aidilfitri Celebration with #RancakRaya on TikTok

 In anticipation of a dynamic Aidilfitri celebration this year, TikTok, a leading destination for short-form mobile videos has introduced the #RancakRaya campaign. The campaign encourages all users to share their moments as they reconnect with family and friends and embrace the festivities together through specially curated community-driven content. 

Throughout the Ramadan season, TikTok has brought out the festive spirit through a variety of activities including themed challenges where users tap onto the relevant hashtags to create content that inspires other users to prepare for the upcoming celebration. The first-ever TikTok live show and Raya original tune will also be showcased to bring people live music that they have missed dearly, especially for Hari Raya celebrations. 

With inter-state travel restrictions lifted and borders reopening too this season, users will also be able to connect with each other regardless of their locations as they bring their celebrations from their homes to TikTok through #RancakRaya content. From the first week of Hari Raya up till 8 May, users who are traveling interstate to spend time with their loved ones can share greetings, showcase their festivities, and deck up their content with the 16 state stickers which incorporate iconic landmarks of each state to highlight where they are spending their Raya, be it Team Raya KL, Team Raya Kelantan, Team Raya Perlis, and so forth.

"Despite the restrictions of the last two years, we saw Malaysians adapting and making the most of the festivities through online platforms not just for entertainment but also to actively participate in sharing joyous moments. In a survey that was conducted among TikTok users, results show that more than half (54%) of Malaysians spent more time on social media during the Ramadan month[1] contributing to over 32 billion views in Ramadan 2021 alone, a 28% increase compared to a non-Ramadan month[2]," said Darren Quek, Strategy Operations Manager, TikTok Malaysia. 

"Since this is the first time that Malaysians are able to go all out for Raya as the nation transitions to the endemic phase, we want to continue being part of their festivities as they embrace every moment celebrating family and togetherness. Through #RancakRaya, we hope to inspire Malaysians as they ramp up their Raya celebration with the most anticipated topics of the season - food, fashion, songs, movies, preparation tips, and the actual celebration itself," he added. 

A Rancak Raya Anchored by TikTok's First Original Raya Song


To kick-off the Rancak Raya challenge, TikTok has gathered music creators including Fatia, the first globally signed TikTok artist, Khai Bahar, and Izzue Islam, celebrity singers Yazmin Aziz and Razmansyah, together with creators from the cooking, education, live, entertainments, sports, and beauty vertical to bring together its first original Raya song, Rancak Raya which highlights the excitement and anticipation of being able to celebrate with family and friends once again. Users can also participate in the dance challenge by uploading their own rendition of the dance. 

A "Rancak Raya" Inspired by a Hashtag a Week 

Since the start of Ramadan, TikTok featured a hashtag each week to build up more hype surrounding the festivities, giving users something to look forward to and be a part of as they geared up to celebrate.

During the first two weeks of Ramadan, users participated in #BukaPuasa (2nd - 8th April) to showcase their bazaar Ramadan food hauls, reviews and recipes and #TipsRamadan (9th - 15th April) to share facts, information, and personal knowledge which can include religious teachings, financial tips, nutrition tips, and general health tips that can be observed during the fasting month.

Following that, users enjoyed the Green Packet Mini Game by TikTok and revisited iconic Raya music videos, movies and shows through #EntertainmentRaya (16th - 22nd April) and prepared to glam up for Raya by learning from skincare and makeup tutorials and styling tips from the #GayaRaya (23rd - 29th April). 

A Rancak Raya Live Show to Meet Favourite Celebrities and TikTok Creators 


Adding on to the liveliness of the festive season, TikTok is also taking the opportunity to launch Malaysia's own #MeetOnTikTok, an avenue for artists to showcase their talents and for audiences to get to know these artists on a more personal level. 

For 90 minutes daily on 6th - 8th May, TikTok invites all users to a virtual Raya open house through #MeetOnTikTok. The live show will incorporate live performances of Raya songs by Malaysian celebrities from SonyMusicMY and Universal Music Malaysia such as DOLLA and Vanessa Reynauld, as well as budding music creators like Fatia and Hael Husaini. Viewers will also be given a chance to interact with their favourite artists through Q&A sessions in between performances. 

Download or open the TikTok app today to join the #RancakRaya celebration. TikTok is available for free on iOS and Android via the Apple Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.

To listen to Rancak Raya on TikTok or Spotify.