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5 Reason to have Samsung S22+ for Travelling

Is time to travel again. Being a food blogger, I usually travel around with my DSLR, phones, and many things on my hand whenever it comes to food hunting. Now, I do not need to bring my DSLR anymore as I have my Galaxy S22+ on hand.  And with the S22+ phone, it makes my life even easier where I can do everything in a phone and do not need to have so much to bring. 

Creating your trip 

While travelling, there is so much now to plan and everything is becoming paperless and relying on apps. With the huge storage up to 256GB, you can have a variety of apps in your phone for your travel. Samsung Galaxy S22+ bringing you with the smooth experience while using the phone and with this you can have everything in your phone easily. 

With Samsung PASS; you can keep all the password for the important apps such as banking, flight booking or hotel booking securely. I use them most of the time not just for travelling but more than that. I can ensure all my booking is secure and hassle free too.

Capturing Moments 

With the Samsung S22+; one of the must to do with the phone is capture the moments. Being a mum, we love to capture our kids growing and pictures with the kids when travel with them. Keeping the memories during travel and putting them in our social media to share with family and friends is something most of us will do during our holidays.

With the quality camera, the pictures is absolutely beautiful with the vivid colours. Even video taking, or taking your pictures indoor or even at night is no longer a problem. 

As food blogger, I always love to capture street food, events and moments during trips. And at times, when you are bringing huge camera; there are times you will miss the shots but with the phone, every shot taken is perfect and impromptu.


Travelling to NEW places sometimes we need to use google maps, waze or even finding some nearby eateries. Samsung S22+ GPS detection is very accurate and it makes travelling convenient too. 


In long haul travelling, I usually get some entertainment during the trip. We can enjoy spending time watching youtube, listening to songs or even playing games. With the 6.6 inch panel with the 2340x1080 (FHD+) display and  120Hz AMOLED visuals with the resolution of 2340x1080 ( FHD+), the experience is awesome.

Not just that, the phone comes with the “Vivid” colour profile, bright and responsive. It remains legible under direct sunlight and is easy to read irrespective of light conditions. This means, I do not need to worry when playing games below the sunlight.

Easy Payment 

With the Samsung Pay, you can now easily connect your credit card to your phone. It makes things very convenient where I do not need to dig my wallet anymore when making payments in shop. With Samsung Pay; everything can be done conveniently and effortlessly. 

So why wait, grab the Samsung S22+ now . For more information; checkout their website for more info.