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8 Reasons why I choose Olive & Dove Confinement Centre


These days, there are many confinement centres throughout Malaysia offering top-notch services, from hotel-grade facilities and daily nutritious meals to round-the-clock nurse and nanny assistance. Being that, confinement centre had increasingly popular options for Malaysian mothers post-delivery.

When I found out that I was pregnant around 6 weeks, I had settled up with a lot of things in my mind. Though it is my second pregnancy, I am also having so much of concern as my first confinement is done at home with the help of my mum. And for this round, we are thinking if to find a good confinement lady but it is not easy as well. We had gone thru with some friends who hire confinement lady and tabling up the cost and etc. After going thru all the things, the cost of hiring a confinement lady is not cheap and additional to that, the cost of food, herbs, aircon and etc is another cost to consider.

Not wanting to give so much hassle to my husband as we need not only deal with me but another daughter, we settle for a confinement centre. We found out that there is loads of confinement centre out there and finally we settled with Olive & Dove Confinement Centre. 

1. Convenience 

In confinement centres, everything for your new-born is taken care off which includes diapers, clothing, bath products, swaddle and many more. In Olive & Dove, they will also prepare warm herbal bath, 5 meals a day, nursing pillow, daily room cleaning services for mummies. You can literally just walk in with a small bag carrying some of your personal belongings. And in here, daddy and your child (less than 12 years old) can opt to stay in too, and a parking spot is provided for daddy’s convenience.

2. Privacy

For many confinements centre, they are usually based in banglo houses but as for Olive & Dove; it is actually a hotel-based confinement centre. As it is a hotel-based confinement centre, I opt for the studio-based room and there is no sharing with other parents. This is one of my concern due to the pandemic. It is also good especially for those who are planning to bring their kids to stay with them as it would not disturb other mothers as well.

3. Room 

The room in Olive & Dove is just like staying in the hotel. All rooms in the Olive & Dove are private bedrooms and attached with bathroom. The room comes with the LCD TV, complete with TV Box, high speed internet, microwave, kettle, mini fridge and etc.

 They have a working table for daddy or mummy to work if they need too. They also have cleaners to clean your room and wash your clothing too during your stay. 

The room also comes with the tab where mummy can watch their baby from the screen too when they are sleeping in their crib. 

4. Experience Doctors and Nurses 

As we know, there is loads of myth during confinement especially when you are staying with your mother and in-law. They are so much of things in the list that I need to follow such as do-not shower, not washing hair, do not use fan and air conditional and etc.

And when you choose a confinement centre, they will have experts to take care of you and providing you the best. They will provide you with the strict dietary and practices based on science. 

Ever since; I book my package with Olive & Dove; the doctors – Dr Daniel and Dr Christine is very helpful. They help me a lot not just during my confinement but also during my whole journey of pregnancy. I had gotten loads of advice and relieve me with all my worries during the journey of pregnancy. This is because during this pregnancy, I had been facing loads of concern on myself including low HB, weight not increasing and etc. They have given me a second opinion and also check on me now and then. This is where Dr Christina and Dr Daniel will ask when is your check-up with the doctors during your pregnancy and also concern about the status about me. 

They have photolight service too

And after giving birth, my daughter had lost over 10% of the weight in 2-3 days in hospital. Due to this, we are worried as hospital requesting us to send her to NICU. But with the help of the doctors and nurses there, my daughter able to increased her weight within few days with no issues and they are also reporting to me every now and then about her status. My daughter is well taken care and I am so relieved and able to rest well during the 30 days journey. 

5. Great Food

Food is always my concern. As I am not a big fans of confinement food, but the food here is awesome. And of course, during confinement; eating the right food after delivering is definitely a must and it is actually to strengthen your body after giving birth. In here, their confinement food menu is prepared by the dieticion and nutritionist to ensure that you get the right nutrition during your confinement. 

And in Olive & Dove, they offer 5 meals per by their professional chefs. And in here, all meals are well prepared not just healthy but with great taste and quality.

 The confinement food menu here also can be customised according to mother’s health condition, allergy and etc. 

6. Support & Help 

Being a mother, especially for new mum, there is a lot of things to learn and guide. And even for me as second time mum, I am still new to breast feeding as I did not able to do it for my 1st one. In here, the nurses are indeed helpful to give 1 to 1 guidance. It is indeed a great help to me and I had also learned a lot for the nurses and care-takers in Olive & Dove. 

They do provide us with 1 to 1 assistance on how to taking care of our baby, bathing them, massage them and also some of the tips on how to deal with our little one when we are back home. 

Apart from that, there are also health talks session that is held from time to time. It is done all thru google meet which is a good move especially during the pandemic session. All of this is to ensure new parents are equipped with the relevant knowledges as they enter to their parenthood phrase. Other than that, there is also a whatsapp group between the doctors and nurses during your stay where you can bring up your problems and the nurses and doctors able to assist you. 

7. Massage / Chiro 

In Olive & Dove, they do provide massage and chiro during their stay (depending on your package). The massage is provided by professionals where they help to relieve the tense muscles, expel the trapped wind and toxins and also the flatten the abdomen and break the stubborn body fat. Asides from that, they also include breast massage that help to stimulate milk production and prevent blocked milk ducts. 

And in here, Chiropractic care can prove to be the difference given how it promotes a faster post-pregnancy healing process. It also restores the body's normal biomechanics, assists in treating sciatica, encourages and supports pelvic rehabilitation, relieves pain, and assists in stemming postpartum depression.

8. Cleaniness

To me, clean is another important things to consider especially during this pandemic. The baby products are well sanitized and clean and all the space are sanitized from time to time to ensure safety of both mummy and baby. 


Overall, I am impressed with the quality of Olive and Dove Confinement Centre. During my stay, I just feel like home where the nurses and doctors indeed concern about my health, my baby well-being too.  The rooms are well maintained with a comfortable bed where I can sleep well during my whole stay.  

The nurses are caring and friendly too where they help me a lot from the first day I checked in. Since I am C-Sec, they help to check the wound to make sure there is no tear or bleeding. They also help me to clean-up the wound, doing the breast massage and clearing as much they can on the blocked milk ducts. 

As for Food, they are well prepared and send to your room. They are hygiene prepared where all the food are covered or sealed when serving you. The food is yummy and not much repeated during my stay. I am happily enjoying different menus thru -out the week and the chef had made awesome meals from Japanese Style food, to western, Chinese and more. 

As for daddy, I have no worries about his food and parking. He has no problem coming over and have a staycation from time to time. He enjoyed himself here as parking is no longer a problem when he visits me. Furthermore, with the great location, food is no longer an issue where he can enjoy delicious yummy food from nearby as Bangsar South is the heaven of food. 

For me, I can say it is indeed a nice and comfortable confinement centre to go for as they are indeed professional and friendly. If you are looking for a confinement centre for your upcoming newborn and yourself, why not discover Olive & Dove Confinement Centre which is located at premium location (Bangsar)


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