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Astro now offering standalone broadband with full-fibre speeds of up to 800 Mbps and the latest WiFi 6 technology

 Astro has launched its standalone fibre broadband, Astro Fibre, transitioning the Group into a full Internet Service Provider (ISP). This transformative move builds on the launch of WiFi KENCANG, Astro’s first-ever Fibre broadband bundled with its content and Mesh WiFi, creating a one-stop home entertainment and internet solution for its customers. Now, Astro is taking things up a notch by enabling all Malaysians including non-customers to enjoy the best digital experience and fibre broadband value proposition via Astro Fibre’s new standalone service. 

Euan Smith, Astro’s CEO of TV and Group COO said, “The all-new Astro experience is about giving customers what they’ve been asking for – all their favourite entertainment including premium Astro Originals, live sports, international content and multiple streaming services – all in one place on the big screen, and personal devices too if they wish. We’ve already extended the principle to include Broadband services and seen it resonate - our broadband customer base grew 58% year-on-year as more customers see the value and convenience of bundled broadband with Astro contents.” 

“With Astro Fibre’s standalone service, our product portfolio is now even more robust to serve our customers with a variety of different needs, be it bundled with content or just pure internet. Leveraging on the strength of TM’s wide HSBB network, Astro will be able to roll out services faster to wider Malaysia populations. With our new, strong infrastructure, technology, and expertise, we are now well-positioned to support Malaysia’s Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) plan to provide wider coverage and better quality of broadband experience for Malaysians, able to play a more proactive role in narrowing the nation’s digital divide. Our priority is to reshape the fibre broadband experience through affordable and reliable internet throughout the home, so everyone in the household can experience stable and fast internet.”

Built-in Mesh 

With multiple devices connected in a single household, sometimes regular routers lack the ability to cover a wide range, causing dead spots within a home. Staying ahead of the curve, Astro Fibre comes equipped with a built-in mesh agent as needed to deliver greater reliability and faster internet throughout one’s home. Ensuring affordability to suit customers’ varying needs, customers will have the option to add on Mesh WiFi subscriptions from as low as RM10 per month. 

Further closing the gap on internet pain points, all Astro Fibre plans will feature WiFi 6 certified routers to guarantee a robust residential gateway (RGW) performance as well as an improved user experience to meet the growing network needs of today’s customers. Additionally, customers need not worry about common problems such as weak and limited coverage, internet dead spots and inconsistent speed, as Astro’s installation experts will conduct a thorough WiFi heatmap-based assessment of each home upon installation.

Astro Fibre plans offer the most affordable high-speed broadband in the market currently, with four different speed tiers available. The 50 Mbps plan is priced at RM99 per month and 100 Mbps at RM129 per month with 1 free Mesh WiFi unit for 24 months for speeds 100Mbps and above, whereas 500 Mbps and 800 Mbps are priced at RM189 and RM249 per month respectively, the most affordable in the market. Customers who would like to have 2X more speed or access to more than 85 channels and free Mesh WiFi, can add on RM1/day monthly to upgrade their plan to either the Astro Fibre 100 Mbps at RM129 or the Pek Jimat Kencang RM129.99 which includes, 50Mbps + Primary Pack.

The all-new standalone Astro Fibre is now available for all interested customers. Sign up now at  or call 03-7481 3000 for more information