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Jemput Minum with the Awesome Galaxy A Series Campaign

 Wandering from shop to shop, talking to friends and catching up on ‘the tea’ can be a thirsty experience! So to keep you hydrated, Samsung is running an Awesome Galaxy A Series Campaign where, from now until 20 June 2022, Galaxy A series owners can redeem one Tealive e-voucher worth RM7.00 when they complete a minimum of four transactions with Samsung Pay[1].


To quench your thirst, simply follow these steps:


Step One: Join campaign on your Samsung Pay using your Galaxy A smartphone and agree to Terms and Conditions.

Step Two: Perform four (4) payment transactions at any merchant accepting Samsung Pay / contactless payment.

Step Three: One RM7.00 Tealive e-voucher will be awarded instantly to your account upon the fourth successful transaction[2].


Samsung Pay is Samsung’s proprietary mobile payment service that lets you store selected credit, debit and prepaid cards as well as loyalty cards in your Samsung device. Card users who have registered on Samsung Pay with their Galaxy A devices can simply tap their smartphone at the payment terminal[3].

To set up Samsung Pay on your Galaxy A smartphone, simply:

Create or login into your Samsung account on your Galaxy A smartphone

Add your fingerprint and register a Samsung Pay PIN

Add your selected card using your phone’s camera or enter your card information manually[4]

When you are at the check-out, just take out your awesome A series smartphone and:

Swipe up from the bottom of your device to launch Samsung Pay

Authenticate payment with your fingerprint or 4-digit PIN

Tap your device on the payment terminal

For more details on Samsung Pay, visit: