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The Samsung S22+ : The Awesome Camera

Camera plays an important role when purchasing a phone and being a mum as well as a social influencer, every shot means a lot to me. There are times we would love to shoot the moments and with the Samsung S22+; I do not miss any moments at all especially the moments with your love ones. The S22+ has a triple camera system on the back: a 50MP main, 12MP ultra-wide, and a 10MP 3x telephoto camera. Here, the S22+ completes with the main camera which is excellent where they are indeed really good in capturing good images in a variety of lighting conditions.  We have tried the camera for a few weeks and we are amazed at their picture quality.
Indoor Shot
Low Light Shot
One of the best things I love is they come with the 3x optical zoom and they are able to provide great shots not just in good lighting but at night too. We have tried to capture numerous pictures with S22+ where the photo quality comes good and impressive too.                                                The Ultrawide Shot As for the Ultra-Wide Camera, the pictures are crispier in good lighting and it handles lower light levels than before.


The 10 MP selfie camera did an excellent job in balancing details and grain in fairly challenging lighting. They give me an impressively detailed shot which I am sold with the quality and beautiful pictures.

Video Taken with Samsung S22+

As for the video, they indeed remain ahead of most Android phones. With the shooting up to 8k 24 frames a second and with plenty of features, including a new auto-framing system that tries to keep up to 10 people in focus and in a shot at any one time. The video is impressive even taken indoors. Overall the S22+’s camera is very good but falls slightly short of the very best on the market. To get your very own S22+ phone, check out their website now: