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8 Reason why I love my S Pen on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra

When I got the tab, S Pen is another key to shout about. Even though; I am not an artist but S Pen do help a lot in my work and more.  The S Pen looks similar like the one that comes with the Tab S7 tablet. 

About the S Pen

The S Pen comes with the matte textured surface, nice to hold, has one side button and a firm rubberised tip. The pen itself almost cylindrical except for the flat side which is used for snapping magnetically to the back for charging or snap to the side of the tablet. 


Comes with 2.8 Latency

For Tab S8 Ultra, they get an S Pen with a mere 2.8ms latency — the same performance you get with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. And for casual user, you would not notice much different but for professional drawing; it indeed benefit a lot.


The S Pen indeed bring much convenience in terms of writing and jotting down notes with the Samsung Notes. I can easily write on the Samsung Notes during meeting or even scratch out my idea impromptu without need to find any papers. 

Environmentally Friendly

Usually, we draw ideas or scratch idea or even teaches our kids homework’s on papers. But for me, I do it on the tab itself with the Samsung Notes and S Pen. And this is also environmentally friendly as I had reduced the use of papers when teaching them homework.

Just Like a Pen

The S Pen supports palm rejection, tilt and pressure sensitivity. It just the same like you are holding a pen to do drawing or art with the S Pen.  With the improve latency with the 120Hz refresh rate makes the pen feel very responsive. And I had tested them with the Samsung Notes where you can draw thin lines without need to apply pressure as long as the pen tip is connected to the surface. The strokes can be taper smoothly and it is sharp too. 

Drawing Makes Easy

With the big Screen, it makes things easier and drawing is no longer a problem with the big screen. It is satisfying to draw on bigger screen if you are an artist and some apps do have loads of palettes to show. Not just that, with the apps with strict palm rejection, it can only accept pen input for drawing, hence you will get the perfect palm rejection. 


With the huge screen, multi-tasking is possible now with the tab. One can actually open two screen side by side for reference making work easier and fast too. You can refer or pin the reference photos to your drawing app or just to connect an external monitor for you to put your reference photo there. Isn’t that cool! 

Time Saving 

The S Pen which not just for artist used but also for normal person like me. It is easier for me to communicate with my colleague and also amending their work too especially needed to do it on a pdf or a jpeg. You can draw the artwork or ideas on Samsung Note or even other apps. And what’s more, it is so easy where you just need to share them over to your colleague with WhatsApp or email. It is indeed saved up my time where I do not need to print, do the amendments and scan back to them. 

Able to Convert Writing to text

The S Pen also have great detection on writing where I used them on Google Keep, or even write them on email. It is quite accurate to detect my writing and convert them to text. I always used them a lot especially during meetings or even during food review when I need to jot down some information. 

Overall Experience

Overall, The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the no doubt the best Android tablet. Build with the keyboard and the S Pen; it makes my work easy and convenience. Even though I am not an artist, regardless of work or even personal, they really help me a lot as everything had turn to the digital world. 

I can use them not just for colouring and drawing, but I used them to teach my kids homework and more. It is so much convenience that it brings me ever since I started using the Galaxy Tab since Galaxy S4 till the S8 Ultra which have a big improvement too. 

In our opinion, the large 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (RM5,899) is your best bet if you  are looking for a huge screen for work, creativity or even entertainment. wait ! You can grab the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra now at