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All the Highlights From Samsung’s Bespoke Home 2022 Event

 At Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke Home 2022 event, livestreamed globally on June 7, the company introduced its latest lineup of Bespoke products, services and innovations. The event saw the introduction of a totally scaled up, holistic Bespoke offering, one which invites users to be part of the Bespoke experience like never before.

If you weren’t able to tune into the event live, read on for an overview of some of the most exciting things introduced at Bespoke Home 2022 event.


Expanding Home Life Possibilities

In order to bring the Bespoke ethos to more users than ever, Samsung’s 2022 Bespoke Home lineup was designed with the vision of expanding home life in three key ways: the Expansion of Space, the Expansion of Experience and the Expansion of Time.

At the Bespoke Home 2022 event, Samsung explained that the Expansion of Space refers to the presence of Bespoke appliances all throughout the home, the Expansion of Experience to the evolution of Samsung’s smart home solutions to offer even greater connected convenience, and the Expansion of Time to the eco-conscious innovations that will allow users to enjoy their Bespoke products for longer as well as reducing both waste materials and users’ energy costs.

These three key areas of the Bespoke vision encapsulate Samsung’s commitment to providing users with more diverse home appliance choices and services that serve to amplify each user’s lifestyle and ultimately come together to provide endless home life possibilities.


Expansion of Space

Under the heading of the Expansion of Space, Samsung introduced the first set of changes set to be seen in the Bespoke Home 2022 lineup that see the true Bespoke experience expanding all throughout the home to users all around the world.

Starting with the heart of the home, the kitchen, European users will be able to enjoy the appliances in the extended Kitchen Package in the second half of this year, which includes the AI-powered Bespoke oven complete with AI Pro Cooking™, Sense-to-Open and Dual Cook Steam™ technologies. Users in the U.S., meanwhile, can enjoy designing their own stylish and unique kitchen spaces with the Bespoke French Door Refrigerator, as well as other appliances in the U.S. Kitchen Package that also come in a wide range of customizable swatches for a kitchen that truly reflects its user.



Just as exciting, Samsung is set to bring their AI-powered Bespoke laundry products to the North American and European markets in the coming months, devices that are as elegant as they are functional thanks to the inclusion of intelligent technologies that provide truly personalized experiences.

Samsung also introduced its all-new Bespoke Infinite line, a premium lineup of kitchen appliances that provide timeless value and are able to match the way each user personally operates within their own kitchen. Currently available in Korea, the Infinite line will be expanding to include more appliances throughout the home further down the line.


Expansion of Experience

Under the Expansion of Experience theme, Samsung introduced their all-new SmartThings Home Life. This enhanced service, set to be available in 97 countries worldwide by the end of June, provides users with centralized and integrated control over their Bespoke appliances across 6 services for more holistic experiences: cooking, energy, clothing care, pet care, air care and home care.


Through constant monitoring of all Bespoke appliances in a home, SmartThings Home Life is set to allow users to manage their daily routine with more ease than ever before right from their smartphones, expanding home life experiences and empowering users to spend less time doing chores and more time focusing on the things that truly matter.

Along with the introduction of this unified new service, Samsung also unveiled their partnership with global automation company ABB that will enable SmartThings to control and monitor Samsung devices and ABB products, including cameras and sensors, to make it easier than ever before for users to manage their household costs.


Expansion of Time

In the third and final part of the Bespoke Home 2022 event, Samsung introduced its Expansion of Time theme. A continuation of the concept of ‘everyday sustainability’ pledged by Samsung at CES 2022, the Expansion of Time refers to the idea that Bespoke products are designed and built to endure in order to protect the planet for generations to come.

At the event, Samsung shared their efforts made to date to offer a more sustainable product lifecycle that encompasses every aspect of a product’s various life stages, from production and delivery to product use and disposal. For example, efforts are being made within Samsung’s factories to reduce soil contamination and recycle liquid waste into reusable fuels, and the Bespoke delivery process is sustainable, too, thanks to an expansion of eco-packaging and the reduction of the use of printed manuals in favor of enhanced QR code usability.


Along with outlining the energy efficiency achievements of key products in the Bespoke lineup that have been enhanced for more sustainable product usage, Samsung also assured users that they can further save on energy costs and reduce greenhouse emissions by using the expanded SmartThings energy service. Samsung also introduced its extended 20-year warranty period for key product components in selected markets  – the longest warranty period Samsung has ever offered – as well as the flexible modularity of its Bespoke refrigerator that lets users adapt their appliances, instead of replacing them, as their aesthetic or household size changes.


Samsung also announced its collaboration with global active wear brand Patagonia to develop a specialized washer that reduces the release of ocean micro-plastics which will be available in Korea this year and globally in the near future, and for the final phase of the product lifecycle, disposal, Samsung also highlighted the ways users themselves are empowered to take part in a circular resource economy.

Users are able to dispose of their end-of-life appliances free of charge in over 50 countries, following which Samsung will recycle and repurpose the products in order to promote resource recirculation. As a further example of the company’s commitment to sustainable product experiences, Samsung went on to update viewers on the status of its eco-conscious partnership with smart building company Etopia and Q CELLS to create a pilot site of the net-zero buildings of the future, which is set to see development in the second half of this year.

The Bespoke Home event closed with a reminder from the company that the new products and services available in the Bespoke Home 2022 lineup have been designed with the user at the center of all innovations in order to create a new paradigm for home living that is customizable, intelligent and sustainable. To learn more, take a look at the video below.


Be sure to stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom to learn more about the Bespoke Home 2022 lineup that is set to expand home life possibilities for users all around the world.