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How Three Individuals Break the Rules of Work and Play with the Galaxy Tab S8 Series


With the largest and most immersive display, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has allowed many to discover, communicate and experience work and life differently. For three amazing individuals - an artist, a student and an entrepreneur – they have ditched their laptops and now use their Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to get the most out of their day. From its ultimate display, to match today’s video first culture, to its seamless integration with the Galaxy ecosystem, PC-like capabilities and an S Pen that feels like pen on paper, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has helped them unleash their productivity and creativity. 

The Perfect Productivity Partner for Go-Getter Entrepreneurs

For active entrepreneur Thompson Goh, communication is a key factor in the successful running of his brand. To ensure his clients are kept in the loop and can hear him crystal clear, the Ultra-wide front camera keeps him in shot and looking sharp, so he can present his ideas clearly. The Landscape-centred 14.6-inch display and Auto Framing feature greatly enhances his video calls on a range of platforms, keeping him in focus and in view - even when he moves move around the room. When another person joins in the call, Auto Framing intuitively knows how to automatically zoom out to include them as well, doing away with the need to move the device around. 

Taking Revision to the Next Level with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Design student Adriana, knows the importance of capturing information during important meetings and lectures. To ensure that she does not miss out on key information, she uses the Audio Bookmark feature on Samsung Notes on her Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to record the meeting and jot down notes simultaneously. The timeline of the voice recording and written note are in sync. So when she refers back to her notes, she can select a note or part of her notes and the corresponding portion of the voice recording will play. This lets her stay on track of her lectures and meeting discussions easily so she can focus on her course work. 

Unleashing Creativity To Get Projects off the Ground

With the Clip Studio Paint app  comic artist, Yen Ee (Fishball) has a personal art studio in her hands. She can easily extend her creative productivity by using her Galaxy smartphone as a palette as she draws and sketches with her S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s expansive screen. She can customise tools and choose brush options, and select vivid real-world colours from pictures she has taken on the synced phone. This gives her the creative freedom to seek inspiration from her surroundings. 

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