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"Nestlé EVERYDAY Kicks Off #HariHariEveryday Campaign

In conjunction with World Nutrition Day, Nestlé EVERYDAY recently launched the #HariHariEveryday campaign, aimed at encouraging good nutrition among Malaysians. With a view towards addressing micronutrient deficiencies, also known as ‘hidden hunger’, which is prevalent among both children and adults in Malaysia, the campaign will focus on nourishing Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) families.

From June to July 2022, Nestlé EVERYDAY will go on-the-ground to visit PPR communities across the Klang Valley to raise awareness on the health risks posed by micronutrient deficiencies, share the goodness of Nestlé EVERYDAY milk powder through sampling activities and educate the community on the importance of good nutrition for the whole family. With each glass containing 12 vitamins and minerals, enriched with high calcium and high iron, as well as 100% vitamin C to meet the recommended nutritional intake for Malaysians*, Nestlé EVERYDAY milk powder is specially formulated to support the wellbeing of Malaysian families.

Lam Pui Yuee, Business Executive Officer, Milks Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, “‘Hidden hunger’ is a significant health burden in Malaysia, with one in three families not getting sufficient micronutrients in their daily meals such as calcium, iron and vitamin C . Compounding this, many are unaware of their condition, which could pose long-term risks to their health. This is where our #HariHariEveryday campaign comes in, to help Malaysians lead healthier lives by spreading awareness about this issue and supporting families in need.”

Through the campaign, Nestlé EVERYDAY aims to rally Malaysians to support the nutritional needs of PPR communities through its donation drive in collaboration with non-governmental organisation, Empire Project. With every #HariHariEveryday hashtag shared on social media, one EVERYDAY ‘Bekalan Nutrisi’ pack will be donated to PPR families across West Malaysia. To join the campaign, participants need only post a picture of themselves striking a ‘muscle’ pose with a pack of Nestlé EVERYDAY on social media using the #HariHariEveryday hashtag.

Additionally, to further encourage Malaysians to lead healthier lives, Nestlé EVERYDAY will reward consumers with a nationwide contest, with over RM100,000 worth of prizes to be won. To join the contest, Nestlé EVERYDAY consumers who spend a minimum of RM10 only need to share a picture of their receipt and their full name and identification card number via Whatsapp to +6018 220 0679. Exciting prizes are up for grabs, including the grand prize of a Perodua Ativa, as well as four Yamaha Eco Gear 125l motorcycles and weekly Touch ‘n Go reload pins. 

For more information on the #HariHariEveryday campaign and contest, please visit

*Two servings of Nestlé EVERYDAY milk fulfil 100% of daily Vitamin C needs; Based on Recommended Nutrient Intake Malaysia, 4-9 years old (2017).