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Reach Out And Melt Someone’s Heart With Cadbury!

 After a wonderful festive season and joyous times spent with family, friends and loved ones again, Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia wants to inspire and encourage us to continue sharing goodness and generosity all around. This June and July 2022, Cadbury calls upon all Malaysians to Reach Out And Melt Someone’s Heart with the special #CadburyHuggingBar. Our goal is to reach out and impact the lives of as many Malaysians as possible, on a scale that’s never been done before – and we believe we can achieve this goal with your help!

We’ve been building up walls, literal and metaphorical, for the past couple of years to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But Cadbury believes that it’s time to lower them with kindness, as there is plenty of goodness and generosity all around and inside us. That’s why Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia is launching the #CadburyHuggingBar, a series of specially designed 160-gram chocolate bars with the goal of inspiring all Malaysians to “Reach Out And Melt Someone’s Heart” (or Rasakan Kelembutan Dalam Kebaikan).

This June and July 2022, Malaysians will be able to send a free Cadbury Dairy Milk Hugging Bar (160g) to anyone they wish, as well as participate in the “The Hug Challenge” on TikTok to stand a chance to win chocolate bars and exclusive Cadbury gifts! To send a free #CadburyHuggingBar, all you need to do is:

Buy any two Cadbury products.

❤️Whatsapp +601139687189 and submit your details and proof of purchase.

❤️Receive a unique Shopee redemption code for a free Cadbury Dairy Milk Hugging Bar (160g). 

❤️Send the Cadbury Dairy Milk Hugging Bar to anyone you wish!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia is committed to reaching out and creating meaningful impact for all Malaysians, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, through this campaign. But we need your help to spread the word and to share goodness and generosity across Malaysia.

Meanwhile, don’t we all love a social media challenge? Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia is also excited to announce that we’re launching “The Hug Challenge” on TikTok from 25 June 2022 onwards. Participants will be asked to perform a few hugs – perform the hugs correctly, and you’ll be in the running to win two pairs of Cadbury Dairy Milk Hugging Bars (160g) and other gifts. After a couple of tough years in which we were all separated and distant from one another, we can all now slowly start reconnecting with one another again. And what’s better than receiving a hug (or a delicious chocolate bar!) from a loved one?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia is also joining hands with Lotus’s Malaysia and Mydin for a series of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, in tandem with this #CadburyHuggingBar campaign. For every two Cadbury products sold at any Lotus’s outlet or Mydin outlet, RM0.50 will be donated towards charity. Specifically, Cadbury products sold at any Lotus’s outlet will see the donations go towards Food Aid Foundation; while the funds from Cadbury products sold at any Mydin store will go towards Mydin’s Prihatin program.

“At Cadbury, generosity is the DNA of our entire organization worldwide. This goes all the way back to 1824, when founder John Cadbury believed that everybody around his store in Birmingham, England, could benefit from the health benefits and delicious taste of a glass and a half of milk in every slab of chocolate. So, from the delicious chocolate products we make today to the way we conduct our business, we always strive to be generous to each and every person,” says Arpan Sur, Director of Marketing for Malaysia, Singapore and AMEA Exports.

“This year’s Hugging Bars campaign is a continuation of the Generosity initiatives Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia has been running recently. For example, in 2019, we collaborated with Epic Homes to build homes for orang asli families, while in 2020, we also worked with Food Aid Foundation to provide 360,000 meals for underprivileged communities. Last year, we also initiated the Purple Flag campaign, where Malaysians raised a purple flag to indicate that they wanted to donate food and necessities to those in need. So my message to all Malaysians is that it only takes a small effort to make a big impact in someone’s life. Your small gesture could truly Reach Out And Melt Someone’s Heart. That’s why I invite all Malaysians to participate in this campaign and to spread goodness, joy and smiles all around,” Mr. Arpan Sur said.

This Cadbury Dairy Milk Hugging Bar campaign is valid from now until 31 July 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for the specially designed Cadbury Dairy Milk 160g Hugging Bars, available in all e-commerce, Lotus’s and Mydin outlets, as well as other supermarkets and hypermarkets. Remember to spread goodness all around with a little softness and to Reach Out And Melt Someone’s Heart!

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