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8 Reason Why You Should Get HEORSHE Day & NIght Pacifier!

 Being a mum, I always wanted to give the best to my little one. And since we are looking for pacifier for our little one, we found out about He or She Day & Night Pacifier. HEORSHE Day & Night Pacifier aims at giving babies all-round oral comfort and cute all-in-one styling, protecting babies from Day to Night, and giving babies mother-like care.

They bring you 2 types of nipple designs where round which is used for the day and the flat pacifier is used for the night. This is designed according to the occlusal Angle of the baby's deciduous teeth when sucking. Round head imitation breastfeeding for daytime, and evening with a flat pacifier, long sucking not buck teeth, to avoid affecting the baby's face.

Why I love the He Or She Pacifier ?

1. Designed with Integrated Mould 

One of the highlights is they are molded in one piece and with this, I do not have to worry about parts falling off to cause a swallowing hazard.

2. Design 

It has a panel arc design where it matches the baby mouth contour, comfortable and make baby like suction.

3. Dustproof and hygienic upgraded material

Day & Night Pacifier has been specially upgraded with a silicone texture that reduces dust stickiness by more than 75%, making the Pacifier safer and healthier.  

4. BPA Free , 100% Food Grade Silicon

This is where the product does not use the organic compound Bisphenol A in its construction which led to many sickness  such as cancer, thyroid dysfunction, reproductive issues and attention deficits. They are using 100% Food Grade Silicon too. 

5. Matte Texture

With the matte texture; it makes the product more closer to mummy body and a like the skin. So, it gives the baby the feeling like sucking mummy boobs. 

6. Little Friction

This means it does not bring redness to tongue and no red nose. I realise my baby is very comfortable and enjoy sucking the pacifier.

7. Gentle on Gums and Teeth 

With the soft texture of silicon; it is indeed gentle to the gums and teeth of the baby and it is important to ensure that the teeth grow well, especially during their teething period.

8. Microwave & Top Rack Dishwahser Safe

This is very important, especially sanitizing the product that our baby used. With the max resistance at 200degrees, you are assured that the pacifier is able to microwave or clean them on your dishwasher too.

For more information about HeOrShe Products; check out their website @ 

You can now purchase the product at the upcoming baby expo which will be held in Mid Valley. 

TCE Baby Expo

Happening in Mid Valley KL ( 21 July 2022- 24 July 2022). For more promotion about TCE Expo, you can checkout their facebook page