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Haenim 4G+ Smart Classic UVC-LED Sterilizer

 Every parent wants the best for their kids and same goes to us. And their health is definitely our concern. And as Covid-19 arises, the concern and worried is even more! As the little one immune system is developing, even a slight contaminant is enough for them to fall ill. And washing your baby gear manually is not enough to complete to eliminate the bacteria, chemical and viruses. 

During our survey, we found out about 2 types of sterilizers in the market which is the UV sterilizer and the steam sterilizer.

UV vs Steam Sterilizer 

A steam sterilizer uses steam generated from water to sanitise baby equipment. Their main purpose is to sterilize and you may have to dry the items manually. In comparison, a UV sterilizer utilises LED bulbs to disinfect the items and has more functions including drying and ventilation. UV sterilizers are considered safer than steam sterilizers as there’s no use of water, preventing any excess moisture that may lead to bacteria growth.

Why I choose the Haenim 4G+ Smart Classic UVC-LED Sterilizer


The safety of the product is most parents’ concern.  As Haenim 4G+ Smart Classic comes with the UVC LED, it means they are mercury free. This is because UVC comes with the safer operation and implementation that means there is no risk of lamb breakage. With this; it reduces the risk of product being contaminate by the mercury that is reduce by normal UV light.  Another thing is the UVC LED is bringing better protection to the items as it reduce degradation from over exposure. 

Not just that, they are also environmentally friendly as they do not have any ozone smell in their machine.

Most importantly; they are SIRIM certified. 

Biggest capacity 

Capacity plays an important role when purchasing the sterilizer. As I am looking for long term use and not just sterilizing baby bottles, capacity is definitely my concern. I sterilize mostly everything especially during the pandemic from baby bottles, to her toys, our phones, tabs to name a few. It can put up to 16 baby bottles in it. 

With the big capacity, you can put a lot of things in it for sterilization and do not need to do it few rounds for this. And with Haenim big capacity, this indeed suits my need.


Haenim UV Sterilizers are laboratory tested and proven to be capable to eliminate up to 99.9% of Human Coro-navirus, Influenza Virus, Norovirus and broad spectrum of harmful bacteria. With the super reflective mirror, the UV light is highly reflective, ensures no dead zones inside Haenim UV Sterilizer.


Comparing many, what I love is the resuming function. If the door is open during use, system pauses and recontinues after door's closed. We have checked a few brands where they will restart the whole process if the door if opened in the middle of the cycle. 

They also come with the adjustable rack & water tray (to prevent bottom part from water mark). I love this as we can adjust the tray according to our preference and you can switch them around for 3cm of additional space. It comes with water tray so you can put them below to prevent bottom part from water mark)

Additional to this the door open up to 180C degree bringing us an easy accessibility to our items. 

Multiple Setting

For the setting, the Haenim 4G+ Smart Classic UVC-LED Sterilizer comes with few settings to cater for your needs. With all the below setting; one can easily use them. Most sterilizer  will take up to an hour but Haenim can make it at 30 minutes which is indeed time saving. Here are some of the settings available in Haenim 4G+ Smart Classic UVC-LED Sterilizer: 

-Auto mode (30,50,70mins)

-Turbo mode (30,50,70mins)

-Storage mode (auto sterilize every hour, up to 8 hours)

-Smart mode (24hours)

-Clean alert (reminder to clean every 60 hours usage)

-Malfunction sensor for the LED.

I love the Turbo Mode which boasts better fan power and can dry out wet items quickly! And another function which is worth to shout is their Storage Mode where it keep Items Sterile & Ventilate every hour, ups to 8 hours.

Zero Maintenance 

Maintenance of an equipment is always our concern. And when I hear the product is zero maintenance, I am indeed relieving as this is another cost to consider. They come with the detachable filter which easily maintained. In here, the detachable filter can be washed under running water, no replacement needed!

The UVC-LED is another concern.  It comes with the lifespan up to 1.2 million minutes and with this you do not need to replace them every year. 

Energy Saving

With the max usage of 95W, it is indeed a energy saving machine to have. 

Warranty/ Size

The machine comes with 2 years of local warranty on the machine and 5 years warranty on the LED. The size of the machine is as below: 

What’s in The Box

When you purchase the device, it comes with:

1x  Haenim 4G+ Smart Classic UVC-LED Sterilizer

1x stainless stell rack (upper)

1xstainless steel rack (lower)

1x stainless steel water tray

1x power cord

Colours & Price 

They are available in 4 colours which are White Gold, White Metal, Grey Gold and Grey Metal. The RRP Price is at RM 1,899

Where to Buy 

You can purchase them in selected baby stores, and baby fair. You can purchase them via online too from their official store in Shopee and Lazada.

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