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Ikea serving Durian!

 The season of the King of Fruits is upon us and in full-swing. Inspired by Malaysian favourites, IKEA Malaysia has introduced a range of durian themed treats for all durian lovers out there!

With a twist on our classic food offerings, the IKEA Durian festival includes both savoury and sweet treats for all to enjoy, from 1 July to 31 July 2022 throughout all IKEA stores nationwide. 

Delectable durian-filled delights

What better way to wrap up a meal than with flaky yet creamy desserts? Take your pick with the delicious pastries for a real feast.  

For those that prefer rich durian desserts, satisfy your cravings with durian cakes and durian soft serve which makes a seasonal appearance for a limited time only. These sweet treats are best served up with a hot cup of coffee to make for a perfect Fika snack. 

Take your love for the King of Fruits to the next level and don’t miss out on the Musang King Durian Frappe served at the IKEA Swedish Café!

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