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SOCAR offers alternative means to reach your destination


For e-hailing customers, the recent drop in ride availability and the accompanying price surge  generated a wave of dissatisfaction and complaints, leading to calls for the Government to standardise e-hailing ride prices. In light of this, commuters who do not own cars or prefer not to drive have a fresh imperative to seek alternative means of transportation.

Amidst this, SOCAR - Malaysia’s first car-sharing app, invites drivers to revisit the use of car-sharing. From daily commutes to special trips, pick up your car round the clock at your nearest SOCAR zone - in over 1,000 locations across Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Melaka, Seremban, Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu, or opt to have your booked car delivered to your doorstep with the SOCAR-2-YOU service! The service is usually available from 8am to midnight, with one hour lead time, but may differ by city. You can also choose to have the car picked up once you’re done.  

What if you already have a car at home but have been using e-hailing to avoid the hassle of driving yourself and trying to find parking when running a series of errands? Or perhaps you’ve been relying on e-hailing on a night out but find that costs are increasing? Our Buddy Driver is ready to help! With Buddy Driver, you get a personal driver to take you to your destination in your own vehicle. Whether you’re running errands or making deliveries to customers, you can make as many stops as you like within the booking period and your Buddy Driver will be waiting for you at your convenience. No more driving around looking for a parking spot. 

SOCAR is also ready with a set of wheels to kick off your travels. With Oneway Airport service, get a SOCAR delivered to your doorstep for you to drive yourself to the airport. Drop the car off at the SOCAR zone when you arrive at the airport and you’re ready to check-in for your flight. It’s that convenient! Driving to your hometown? You can opt for the Oneway Intercity service. Once you arrive at your Intercity destination, just drop the car off at the designated SOCAR zone.

SOCAR is always working on new services and revamping existing ones. Keep track of our announcements on Facebook at You might just be pleasantly surprised to find that a long-held belief about SOCAR is in fact a misconception, and you no longer have a reason not to use our car-sharing service!

Note: The Buddy Driver service is currently offered through SOCAR’s sister platform TREVO. Download the TREVO app to book a Buddy Driver any time you need one.