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When Inspiration Strikes, this Gifted Artist relies on her Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra as her creative companion

 Artistic techniques and the craft of storytelling take time to hone, so for renowned comic artist Yen Ee (Fishball), having her Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has helped her extend her creative productivity and bring her comic to life. Her experience using the tablet is an example for aspiring digital artists who are looking for the perfect device, so they can start their journey to craft and illustrate their stories with ease.

Measuring at 14.6 inches, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s expansive size offers her an aspect ratio of 16:10, giving her a large canvas to work on without constraint. The Super AMOLED display brings vibrant colours and details to life and offers excellent contrast to display her artwork. Each detail is easily highlighted to enhance the overall effect of her design.


Crucial for all artists is her brush, and for this she has the S Pen, which comes in the box alongside a Book Cover Keyboard, for her to use on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The S Pen has a latency that has been reduced by 30% in supported apps, so she can experience a closer to pen-on-paper feel that gives her an almost real-life effect of sketching and drawing. Once she’s completed her designs and sketches, she can simply snap back the S Pen to the back of her tablet, so it’s nearby whenever inspiration strikes.


The Clip Studio Paint app[1], available on her Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra gives Yen Ee her very own personal art studio. The app gives her the option of over 50,000 ready-to-use pens and brushes so she can explore different strokes. She can also extend her creative productivity by using her Galaxy smartphone as a palette, where she can select colours from her smartphone using her S Pen and use this on the tab.  She can also customise tools and choose brush options, and select vivid real-world colours from pictures she has taken on the synced phone. This gives her the creative freedom to seek inspiration from her surroundings.


To view Yen Ee craft her next master piece with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, watch:


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