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Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro: More Holistic Health Experiences from Watches that Know You Better

 Samsung Electronics’ all-new Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro are smartwatches that truly know their user, with both featuring a fluid design that champions customization, connectivity, and holistic health optimization.

The Watch5 series has been designed to provide comprehensive and end-to-end personalized wellness experiences. Watch5 provides you with a wide range of end-to-end health metrics, including sleep monitoring and body composition measurement, while cutting-edge BioActive sensor technology provides in-depth monitoring of your heart rate, blood oxygen and even your stress levels.

Designed for those who love the great outdoors, Watch5 Pro is comprised of a range of premium materials for enhanced durability as well as the biggest battery seen in Samsung’s wearable lineup yet, making it a durable smartwatch that is built to last.

Check out how the new Watch5 series delivers more holistic health experiences in the infographic below.


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