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ICONCRAFT debuts in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2022 in partnership with Qurated Fashion Incubation Project supported by Thailand Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)

 ICONCRAFT, one of the three brands opened in Pavilion Bukit Jalil recently from Thailand’s award winning and leading real estate and retail giant, Siam Piwat debuted in the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2002 with its collection “Sawasdee KL”. This is made possible with collaboration with Qurated Fashion Incubation Project (QITP), integrating cocreation with incubation programme in co-operation with Department of International Trade Promotion, Thailand (DITP).

ICONCRAFT is a modern multi-brand Thai concept store curated by Siam Piwat Group focusing on showcasing innovative crafts and the height of Thai Craftmanship from across Thailand. It is a retail ecosystem that creates sustainable success and mutual benefits for all involved and aim to propel local entrepreneurs to global stage. “ICONCRAFT’s mission is first to set a sustainable ecosystem to inspire and support Thai craftsmen to excel to their upmost capability and ultimately to share wonders with craft admirers. Sawasdee KL helps ICONCRAFT to achieve this!” said Mrs Parisa Chatnilbandhu, Managing Director of Retail Business Group, Siam Selected Co. Ltd.

The Qurated X ICONCRAFT 2022 Project has incubated 40 talented designers to develop fashion collections for Spring / Summer 2023. Design apprentices selected from across Thailand have participated in intensive seminars, workshops conducted by famous fashion experts and gurus who also acts as the advisory board. “What an honour for Thai fashion designers to have a chance to present their multi-brand collections at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2022 and to showcase at nPavilion KL and Bukit Jalil. This is such a great platform to create fashion vibes and to exchange modern lifestyles between us. Sawasdee Kuala Lumpur.” said Dr. Anothai Cholachatpinyo Project Director, Qurator Co. Ltd.

‘Sawasdee’ is Thai’s warm greeting extended from Qurated X ICONCRAFT to all the fashionistas in Kuala Lumpur. This exclusive multi-brand collection for Spring/Summer 2023 intends to introduce a new perspective of Thai fashion to Malaysia. The colours represent the culture, energy, and persona of Thai people:

- Experimental tie-dye hybridised with neon colour block producing a unique colour spectrum

- Traditional batik is modernised with pastel shades emanating soft radiance

- Screen printing on Indigo tie-dye captures Thai urban street style

- Block painting from Mhong hilltribe in the north of Thailand being stylised differently shows the evolution of fashion in Thailand

The fabrics and materials used are made from traditional techniques intertwined with modern contemporary ideas – Luxury Thai silk such as “Mud Mee” is being printed in trendy and fresh take of Bohemian style, the craft of crocheting is adopted to create extravagant dresses and bags and last but not least, the use of natural and sustainable materials.

KL Fashionistas can view and pre-order pieces from “Sawasdee KL” collection at the following date and venue:

Level 3, Pavilion KL 17th – 28th August 2022

Level 2, Pink Zone. 30th August – 30 September 2022

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