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Jom Seniman @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

When it comes to food, we recently explored the latest hype mall in town which is Seniman. Seniman is one of the restaurant that is famed for their Malaysian delights and one can actually enjoy the awesome Malaysian delights in one place. 

What’s so special about Seniman is that the food here brings you some nostalgia and back to the olden days from the time of Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee. And here, we are able to enjoy and sample the authenticity and delicious local delights. What makes the food even more memorable is that they are putting the effort to make it as authentic as possible just like how our grandmother cooked which uses the mortar and pestle instead of a blender.

The cafe brings you a great ambiance, and you can enjoy sitting down and enjoying a great meal either inside or outside.  


One of the highlights from Seniman is there launched their exclusive Merdeka Special Tiffin Set promotion. Here, one can enjoy the taste of Malaysian delights with the limited-edition Merdeka Special Tiffin Set for RM 75 for 2 pax at Seniman. They are available from 13th August till 31st August 2022, where one can grab the beautifully presented tiffin in conjunction with our Merdeka Day! 

The Merdeka Tiffin completes with rice, main and desserts and here is what they have 

1st layer | Rice : Nasi Kuning Mahawangsa x 2 pax

2nd layer | Main Dish : Ayam Rendang Temasek x 2 pax 

3rd layer | Dessert : Pengat Nangka Madu 

This Merdeka Tiffin Set is available for take away and delivery while stocks last!

Not just the Merdeka Tiffin Set, one can enjoy the Talam Set Do Re Mi For 2 pax here too.  The Seniman Talam Set are named Do Re Mi where it tributes to P.Ramlee 1966 Comedy. In here, one can enjoy a wholesome set from rice, meat , and completes with The Tarik Terbalik. Asides that, in the Talam Set; one can enjoy refillable side dishes: Sambal Kelapa Pudina, Pajeri Nenas, Sambal Balacan Tumbuk, Acar Jelatah

Talam Set Do (RM 62)

Comes with the Daging Salai Lemak Cili Padi, Ayam Kunyit Palembang, Sotong Sambal Tumis together with the Nasi Minyak Pengantin. Served with Teh Tarik Terbalik.  

Talam Set “RE” (RM 72)

Comes with Kari Kambing Jiwa Kacau, Ayam Masak Kicap Manis, Udang Halba, Nasi Kukus, Beverage and The Tarik Terbalik. 

Talam Set “MI” @ RM 82

Comes with the Tulang Sisih Kerutup, Ayam Goreng Pak Kaduk, Ikan Siakap Berlado, Nasi Minyak Pengantin, and the Teh Tarik Terbalik. 

Ikan Siakap Berlado  / Ikan Siakap Berlado Dengan Petai

- It comes with choice of the petai or non-petai. 

Gabungan 3 Rasa (RM34)

Combination of Tauhu Sumbat Kejora (stuffed beancurd), Sotong Kangkong Terangkat (cuttlefish with water spinach salad) and Kerabu Daging Bakar Air Asam (beef kerabu with a dip of tamarind and coconut kerisik)

Mee Rebus Mambang Jingga

Lontong Kering Wak Labib

Mee Kari Udang Bersepai

Kuew Teow Beef Terkejut

The Kerutup Mak Tiri 

Asides from the Malay delicacies, they do have more than that. One of them is pizza. What makes them different from many is that their pizza comes with a different topping and they are more to the local tastebuds. Some of their pizza selection includes Pizza Asam Pedas Lautan Gelora, Sambal Bilis Petai Power, Kerabu Ulaman Menjerit and many more.

Sambal Bilis Petai Power

After a heavy meal, why not enjoy some sweet delicacies here? In Seniman, you can enjoy the wide choices of desserts where they have Malay desserts and western ones too. Some of the MUST to go includes the Pisang Sangai Ais Krim, Churros,  Roti Jala Sira Durian and many more.

As for me, I love their Pisang Sangat Ice Cream where the banana is being caramelized and topped with ice cream. You can taste the aromatic taste of the banana with the lovely cooling vanilla ice cream.


The Churros are a bomb. The churros is perfectly made and glazed with powder sugar. It is then sided with the chocolate and caramel sauce. They are so delicious and I will give a double thumbs up.


As for drinks, they have so much to choose for. This includes servings of Teh Tarik terbalik, Smoothies as well as the Mojitos. Here, we try their selection of Mojitos which are the Apricot, Acerola dan Chia Grand Tea, Blue Curacao and Mojito Limau


The food here is superbly delicious and we are totally in love with the food. The dulang is worth going for where the portion is simply generous too. Superbly good and yummy. I definitely recommend their Dulang Set,  Sambal Bilis Petai Power,Ikan Siakap Berlado Dengan Petai, Mee Rebus Mambang Jingga as well as the Churros, Pisang Sangat Ice Cream

So why not head to Seniman to enjoy the wholesome Malay delights 

Seniman Cafe,

Pavilion Bukit Jalil, 

Lot 4.31.00, Level 4, 

Persiaran Jalil Utama, Bukit Jalil, 

57000 Kuala Lumpur,

 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur