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OPPO’s Our Traits in Portraits Merdeka Video Pays Tribute to our Nation’s Pride

 To commemorate our country’s 65th Independence Day, OPPO has released its Merdeka video, Our Traits in Portraits, to pay homage to local heroes that embody the fearless yet gentle traits of Malaysians.

Shot in a Portrait Expert-Reno8 Series-style, the video showcased an amalgamation of distinctive characteristics that every Malaysians possesses; as seen in the ever resilient mountaineer Ravi Everest who has aimed to summit 14 peaks of the world’s highest mountains in the next three years; followed by charitable Abang Viva who volunteered to aid flood victims even though he had limited resources and was armed only with courage and a big heart; and awe-inspiring para-athlete Muhammad Afiq who showcased immense determination and gave his best performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

These are every-day Malaysians who resonate with OPPO’s brand proposition – “Inspiration Ahead”. Just like them, OPPO is about empowering people who are not afraid to take on challenges. Inspiration Ahead shows OPPO’s optimism and confidence about its own future. The journey to breakthroughs in core technology may be full of challenges and obstacles, but we aim to continue what we have started and that is to bring more state-of-the-art product and service to our users.

Together, OPPO wants to be a part of every Malaysian’s daily life and hopes to inspire and encourage Malaysian users to embrace future challenges with optimism and dedication.

Our Traits in Portraits video can be viewed via the following link:

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