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MR D.I.Y. calls on Malaysians to “Beli Buatan Malaysia”

It’s always a good time to support homegrown business and brands, but never more so that the months of August and September, when we celebrate Hari Merdeka on August 31 and Hari Malaysia on September 16 respectively.

Iconic Malaysian home improvement retailer MR D.I.Y. Group [MR D.I.Y.] is calling on Malaysians to step up their support of locally-made products, with their “Beli Buatan Malaysia” initiative currently running at their MR. D.I.Y. and MR. DOLLAR stores nationwide. 

Announcing the initiative, MR D.I.Y.’s Head of Marketing Alex Goh said, “It’s all about Malaysians helping Malaysians, and celebrating the best of Malaysian products.  As a homegrown brand ourselves, MR D.I.Y. has always endeavoured to play our part in supporting local brand products.  This ‘Beli Buatan Malaysia’ campaign is a testament to our commitment to supporting this cause.  We would like to encourage everyone to ‘Beli Lokal’, to be proud of locally-made and local brand products, and to maximise their ringgit with our promise of ‘Always Low Prices.’”. 

The one-month initiative features more than 40 Malaysian-made products across the household, hardware, daily essentials, and other product categories, with discounts of up to 30 per cent at MR D.I.Y. stores nationwide. And it’s not only limited to MR D.I.Y.’s own-brand products and MR. DOLLAR’s RM2 and RM5 range.  Well-known Malaysian brands on offer include Shieldtox 8-Hour Nights Free 20% (525ml + 20%) at RM5.80 each, Softlan Fabric Softener Refill Assorted (1.4L/1.6L) at only RM9 for two units, and Glo Dishwashing Liquid Assorted (900ml) at RM5 each.

Also available are baby and infant care products from Anakku, cookies, and snacks from Julie’s, LEXUS, Jacker, PAGODA, and Nut King, as well as good value household grocery brands like SPRITZER, KLEENSO, MARCELLA, SEKOPLAS, Kilat, and x'traseal.

For more information, visit MR D.I.Y.’s website,, e-commerce platform,, and its social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.