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A Peek into OPPO's Customer-Centric Service - How They Go Above and Beyond for Members

 In an effort to create a seamless, convenient, and engaging customer journey, OPPO always keeps customer experience at the forefront of its decision making. What lies behind OPPO’s customer-centric service is a set of factors that sets them apart from other brands. This includes My OPPO App that is designed exclusively for members and its top-of-the-line after sales service that treat customers with care.


Since its launch three years ago, My OPPO App symbolizes a bridge that connects members in a myriad of ways. To date, My OPPO App serves over 2 million users in Malaysia, creating more and more value. This includes amazing rewards from time to time such as Members’ Day celebrations that happen on 16th to 18th of every month. Once registered as a My OPPO App member, customers can unlock new levels and privileges by earning experience points through product purchases. A variety of gifts and coupons are prepared such as Birthday Reward, Exclusive Discounts on Repair Cost, Food & Beverage Vouchers and so much more, ensuring benefits beyond services for all members.


What sets us apart from the rest is that My OPPO App also connects members via exclusive O-Time experiences. These engagements are closed-door events that facilitate in-depth interaction between members and brands. This includes First-hand Experience on the latest products, Experiential Lifestyle Workshops such as Cooking and Baking Classes, and Product Knowledge Sharing and Interactive Sessions, which allow members to grow with OPPO.


Rated 94% for the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which also known as Customer Satisfaction Rate, OPPO provides genuine after sales service. 


Being an OPPO customer, you are entitled to enjoy a wealth of free services such as send-in repair service, labour cost, service day discount, disinfection service, software upgrade and 1-hour flash fix on a general basis. 


On top of that, to enhance the transparency of the services provided, OPPO Malaysia has been gradually integrating its after sales services into stores since November 2019. There are now 17 My OPPO Spaces, 2 Service Centers and 1 Send-in Repair Service Center around Malaysia, ensuring every customer’s issue can be resolved in the shortest amount of time.

Come join us and be a part of the OPPO Members community as we are celebrating My OPPO 3rd Anniversary with fantastic deals and offers right now! 

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