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Awesome Camera with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

 Even though Samsung Z flip 4 is not about fully on camera, but they are a decently good phone not just for lifestyle but more than that. Being that, if you are not looking for a phone that can zoom 30 times and above, this maybe the phone you can consider. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 has received upgrades on its camera and precisely on its main camera’s performance in low light condition. And what makes this happen is Samsung has made the pixels on the new model larger than before and increasing them from .4 μm in size (Z Flip 3) to 1.8μm (Z Flip 4). Bigger pixels mean that each one is able to capture more light, helping the phone perform better when shooting photos and video in darker conditions.

And for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera, it comes with the 12MP main camera, 12 MP ultra wide and 10 MP selfie snapper. It is basically good for normal photography 

Impressing Night Shot

And here is some of the pictures we took with the Samsung Z Flip 4 and we are indeed impressing with the quality of the pictures and video too.

And another we love about the phone is it is simply easy for selfie and stabalizer when you are taking videos. 

So, why wait is time to change to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4