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Baby 2 : Childbirth Experience

a different experience I could say. Is 40 weeks my lil one still refuses to be out. As so, doc requested me to do c-sec which I have a lil hesitation. With the 40 weeks scan; baby weight 3.3 kg which is quite a size according to the doctor and as my first one, she is at 2.9kg and her size is huge. Therefore doctor requested me to think about it and we have no other choice but to go with c-sec.

Well, I always wish to try how the real childbirth would be but i dont think i gotta have the chance la. It is a dilema till the last minute. We had our check all done including the PCR test and everything. Comparing giving birth to the first one, this perhaps i have no expectation or any feeling as I had gone thru the same thing for my past delivery.

As baby You Qi delivered during the pandemic, the feeling is just like going to hotel on your own and once deliver you will just checkout. It is not a fun process and I can say is a bit not I expected it to be . 

I had my hand cucuk, and the nurse do the checking. The nurse say i have light contraction but i dont really feel anything at all. I asked my doctor if i can go for other way asides C-Sec, he seems not to agree at all and telling me there is no point since I am not planning for another baby at all. 
I checked in at 8 am and all checked had been done. I was then transfered to a room for doing monitoring and puasa till 5pm till i am pushed to the OT. There is nothing much to do while waiting and at 5 pm, they shaved, and get me the medication.

In the OT, I am given a jab on my spinal and less than 30 minutes my baby is born. Well, is fast no pain or anything to me but when i saw my precious, it is out of my expectation as her size is a lot smaller than her sister. 
I am then being pushed to ward and asking me to breast feed my lil girl, Is a pain experience as they dont even providea any milk for her at all as i dont have any milk for lil girl. She had been crying and is hard to comfort her at all. As i am after operation, i could not even get out of the bed and breastfeed her. 

The whole experience for this round is very disappointing even i am a full paying patient. As husband not able to enter and all food needed to deliver by their staff, it takes so long to get it to me which is easily 1 hour plus. Room is so hot without aircond and is so stuffy. 

As for checkin out, it take us ages to get thru this as we ask to check out early and doc had done all the final examination at 10 am, and we ended checkin out from the hospital nearly at 6 pm as waiting for signature and etc, the letter is release at 3 pm and my husband made the payment and it took him and hour plus to do the payment and is a manual way. 

Overall, the experience was so bad and i supposed if i am not full paying patient, it would be better as i can choose how i wanna deliver my baby.